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Jera & HAGALAZ paired 
"Patience up to a point. Know your time, but work your Wyrd always." "Don't try to fix what we should break before it breaks us."

Jera - literally means "year" esoteric symbolism "harvest" 
Jera is a rune of harvest and reward due to reactions energized by right actions in a horizontal manner (natural receiving order) / our own cyclical process. It is a rune of peace on the land in the heart. It's the rune and tune of Patience. A time of reward for positive action and a time of Peace, proper timing - overcoming conflict / regression. It is a fertility rune and one that inspires creativity and harmony which gifts peace, prosperity and plenty. This rune brings together concepts and shapes it into tangible form creating its material manifestation. Jera is an unstoppable energy, gradual yet unrelenting, unhurried but persistent & indifferent to human influence / interference. Nature has a positive way of persistently marching on. Jera is a rune of patience and movement with harmony and grace - which creates AbunDANCE! Jera has to do with right timing. 

HAGALAZ - literally means "Hail" esoteric symbology of crisis and or radical CHANGE - 

HAGALAZ is a rune of disruption while Jera gently pieces things back together aligned in reorder with you. The only way into proper alignment is thru your absolute Awareness of your psychological development in time and space. The energy of HAGALAZ is the power beyond human ability to harness and seize each moment into its perfect pattern while planting ones own natural seed formation. HAGALAZ faces our shadows gifting objective confrontation to put an end to ones chaos. This is a rune of CHANGE according to align in life - mind, body, heart and soul to ones ideals. This change is for the long term good. This is a controlled crisis - making all necessary corrections and adjustments needed. Paired with Jera we have the grace, love, peace and ability to patiently flow thru our own healing cycles and processes that gift us strength as we level up. There is a gift of inner harmony associated with this rune and intensified when paired with Jera. 

A time of wholeness/ feeling complete with balance and power.

This is a time of INFUSION of our pieces that make up our whole. An integration of unconscious parts of our selves that infuse into our conscious levels of understanding. The inevitable meeting with fate and Wyrd. This is our evolutionary process of progress and operations no matter how they may appear are flowing smoothly into our own becoming. This is the inward workings of our outward / out working in alignment our divine perfect pattern. This is a protection rune that banishes / exorcising disharmonious patterns and interferences that do not belong. Awareness is beautiful here.  It may cause discomfort in others but that's their journey to sort thru and definitely not our / your / my concern.

With these New Moon influences amplifying or willpower and strength this is a major shift of energies and lifestyles taking place. Be kind to your working spirit as it continues progressing you to where you need to be. 

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