ENCHANTING Babbler's FULL MOON ORACLES for August 18 2016

Key notes to HighLight: 

Life Path
Life Purpose
Standing Your Ground
Voicing your Opinion
Artistic Creations
Increased Psychic Awareness/Abilities
Increased Intuition 

This is an EMOTIONAL time so allow for your FEELINGS to be shared / expressed / released

Find creative / artistic outlets for this form of expression 

A time for ROMANCE

Full Moon's illuminate true FEELINGS and ATTITUDES of circumstances currently being lived out / played out. 


Although the full moon / also considered some what like a lunar eclipse in Aquarius is dated for tomorrow 8.18.2016 - the energies are already swirling within our environment - so seize the opportunity to work with these helpful solution filled energies circulating our environment. 

Paradigm Shifts will occur in how we currently view ourselves, our relationships and the world.  

The things that we LEARN / GROW & RECEIVE during this time will not just be on an intellectual level but more on an infused state of being in existing - Infusing our 

Venus trines perceptive PLUTO which brings to our surface the darker side of many truths. It doesn't mean we should get upset, but it does mean to be honest with ourselves and our feelings about any of these discoveries / truths / understandings coming into light. Instead take what you learn and infuse your solutions into this new  found reality.  

With the energies of this full moon our AUTHENTIC SELVES are surfacing head strong; mind, body, heart & soul. 
Understanding your placement in this world is also highlighted at this time. There will be lots of creative artistic inspiration swirling about in the air - this is a time of ART filled Passionate expressions bursting to life.

This Aquarius full moon falls under what is considered to be an air sign although it is also associated with water bearing - this combo  representing our deepening and most expansive INTUITION as we are gifted with further CLARITY in our PERCEPTIONS of what is really real within and around our atmospheres. 

This is a time of HEIGHTENED Progressive solution based thinking. 
We find SOLUTIONS for those issues that once seem mind boggling. 

This is an excellent time for HEALING 

Look into reiki Energy Healing / Energy Healing 

Another Gateway of Wonders opens up in the heart of being OPEN to GIVING & RECEIVING 

This is a time to FOCUS on our own self EVOLUTION and PROGRESS.  This is a time to let go of whatever conditioning/family/friends and society has shoved down your throat and MEET & ACCEPT your AUTHENTIC SELF. This is a time to make DECISIONS about you for yourself without any of these influences standing in your way. 



Speak up for yourself & tell others your TRUTH.  Do not be intimidated in expressing your voice & your true feelings.  Allow others to FEEL the vibrations of your ENERGETIC EXPRESSIONS.  SPREAD your PASSION. IGNITE YOUR FIRE & spread it far & wide. 

Remember, with KNOWLEDGE comes POWER & this full moon gifts us DEEPER into our own REALITY of LIFE EXPERIENCE & TRUTHS.  With AWARENESS comes our ABILITY to take CONTROL & proceed FORWARD in our steps in a most POSITIVE solution based way. 

The Last NEW MOON we experienced together in early August was a time where we CELEBRATED setting our INTENTIONS in a CLEAR way so that we may continue our POSITIVE steps forward in every POSSIBLE way that is of BENEFIT to our GROWTH and PROGRESS.  Well this FULL MOON continues wherever the NEW MOON energies left off and NOW begins the MANIFESTING part of CREATING our INTENTIONS/GOALS/DESIRES into SEEN REALITY. 

Doesn't this all sound absolutely WONDERFUL? 

Remember once again - with KNOWLEDGE comes POWER!!

This AQUARIUS FULL MOON with LEO polarities swirling all around this duos electromagnetic frequencies are STIMULATING our BRAIN & HEART infusions.  

MIND & HEART meeting and finding PEACE / BALANCE / CLARITY 

With this AQUARIUS / LEO INFUSION a NEW neural passageway/gateway OPENS

WELCOME POSITIVE healing PARADIGM SHIFTS to our Energetic table 

This AQUARIUS moon is a COMPELLING one. The energies begin emerging early in the AM but remember what I said earlier in this passage, the energies are already HERE, right NOW!

Aquarius full moon also allows us to REFLECT /SOLUTIONIZE anything in our life that currently creates instability.  This full moon highlights the conflicts currently going on in our social realities.  (Like the fact that my Instagram @Enchantress account was hacked and no CUSTOMER SERVICE is offered or any JUSTICE is being given by INSTAGRAM to help little ME get my INSTAGRAM name & account back that I have WORKED so hard on for so many years building my own HEALING PRACTICE - but this is just one example of a social reality that NEEDS to be addressed and TRANSFORMED.) 

Well this Aquarius full moon is meant to stir up POLITICS & turn it upside down. Aquarius is afterall a REBEL

Sun & moon in opposition - this opposition CREATES CLEAR COMMUNICATION & UNDERSTANDING 
There are no distractions with the energy of this moon - there is only ONE STAGE / ONE PLAY happening here with very little disturbances from other planetary influences at this time. 

Both Fixed signs
Do not expect differences to be magically RESOLVED even though AWARENESS will be CLEAR making the passageway / gateway for SOLUTION BASED THINKING & RESULTS 

Knowing where another stands will be CLEAR so be THANKFUL for this gift even if you do NOT like what you SEE.

With this opposition please be warned that no friction or war need be created over differing views - find your PEACE - No FIGHTING please!

Expect to RECEIVE NEWS / REVELATIONS that WILL impact / SHIFT/ Change your VIEWS / LIFE and WORLD.

This FULL moon is very close to a lunar eclipse and the energies that bring. It is also known as a POTENT FULL MOON. 

Full MOONs are a time of culmination & the PROMISE of fulfillment of that which was STARTED and CREATED with the LAST NEW MOON of set INTENTIONS we energetically created for ourselves. 

Please note that the Cosmic Loving ENergies of this time are coming at us FULL THROTTLE with no regard to our own pace / level in our journey.  These cosmic energies are forcing their way through CREATING the energies of INFUSION for our own integration 

Truth be told, we are more than we know & we are gifted with KNOWLEDGE & INSIGHTS to better help EVOLVE us into reaching our fullest potential.

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