Spirit of the Sloth Oracles

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Sloths remind us about camouflaging & adapting to any situation and acting accordingly in a way that will benefit others. Sloths also teach us to take advantage of opportunities that arise and make the most profit from it. 

Sloths due to their own ability to rotate their heads affords them the gift of being able to see what is coming. 

Sloths appear when we need to be more flexible in a certain situation. They appear when we need to have a better view of our own surroundings. Whenever we feel outcasted or are seeking wisdom. They also appear when we feel like we don't have a place in this world. 

Sloth kind of people are great diplomats. They are socially adept when needed and approach every difficult situation with patience and grace. Cool under pressure they tend to desire to be helpful to others with problems and more prone to shutting themselves down rather than sharing their own difficulties. 

Linked to the realm of spirit and psychic visions they have an uncanny ability to see clearly and hold strong visionary gifts. 

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