Enchanting Rune Oracles

Ehwaz & Ansuz rune Power 

Ehwaz - literally means horse esoteric meaning : trust 

Ansuz - literally means Woden - esoteric meaning - Breath or Ancestral Sovereign God 

With Ehwaz there is a harmony with teamwork and trust. This is a rune of pairs of entities working together for a common goal while Ansuz brings with it order, order of the gods, transmission of intelligence, communication, inspiration, language, breath, sound, origins and the voice of the universe. Trust and communications take root. There is a passing of the breath along our ancestral lines of godly evolution. Speech is enhanced and all forms of expressive linguistics. 

Ehwaz is not force, but persuasion and suggestion with Co-operation leaving behind the who's the boss tv syndrome. It's all about making the best with what you got and making all necessary adjustments to important relationships believing and trusting that evolves and is built between two people. Ehwaz also deals with the energies which bond man and woman together in lawful marriage. This rune is not only good for love relationships but also for friendships and business. With the assistance of Ansuz we are gifted further guidance of aligning with our own sovereign power of the our consciousness. We tap into more multidimensional energies of inspiration, enthusiasm and the powerful dynamic nature of our own transformations of consciousness. 

"The mind will trust the body, the body will trust the mind."

"Find your ears before you search for words."

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