Do others opinions influence your decisions?

People will always formulate their opinions and will always have things to say especially in regards to other people and how they go about their own lives and business. Its all cool too if you can take their insights and whatever they may offer that resonates with you and apply it to yourself for your own growth. But never mistake their insights and opinions as your absolute law and order and never allow for their input to diminish or erase your own steps in development. We must all find our waves of rhythm and that comes with learning and growing with every action step we take in making our own productive progress.

I just started my own YouTube Channel naming it Enchanting Babble LiVe and although my posting of this channel may seem oh so random this has been a few years in thought and feeling development. I may not have the structure most people look for when launching something but there is no one way of doing something. It took me these last couple of years to break passed my own critical self judgments and fear to even get me to this road block clearing I am expressing myself with today. For me, this is monumental in my own growth and development and I'm fudgin glad and proud to finally be in this new space and place. Part of it comes with no longer giving a flying funk about certain many things and in this mindset I am free to be myself.  I am free to unveil myself in whichever way I choose to unfold and reveal myself in without the dictation of others telling me how to do this and how to do that and what to say and what not to say. I am not here to be written up by others.

I am truly excited about this new video sharing part of my journey. What it will evolve into I do not know at this moment in time but I do know this is all in divine alignment with my truth, quest and soul purpose.

Exciting adventures are unfolding and if you are here for the ride , divine guides while offering your own form of loving positive support, eye thank You Wholeheartedly. You are Amazing.


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