Behind the Scenes thoughts on Enchanting Babble LiVe

So I am staying with feeling motivated as I still work on my own confidence levels with posting videos of me on my NEW Enchanting Babble LiVe YouTube Channel (please kindly tune in / subscribe & spread the word) and all morning till now I've been attempting to upload video #3 which for me is not easy to post especially when there are so many little things I would wish to perfect in my own posting of these videos. But I am silencing the over bearing and highly critical critic within me and I'm stomping that evil witch out and solidifying in myself that these videos are not what that line of thinking is all about. In silencing her, I feed my soul with positivity and even more freedom.
Experiencing such technical difficulties at this time with not having my lovely laptop to accompany on the start of this journey and only relying on my iPhone to upload and share has only further motivated me to keep at it and keep going that everything shall fall into divine place as it is meant to be. The structuring of my own reconstruction is being built from the root on up led by the divine in me which is insync with me and aligned with me.  We must all find our methods and ways that resonate with our calling of spirit.
As I attempt to upload video # 3 for the umpteenth time today I will not allow for these could be frustrations to get me down or discourage me from continuing this discovery of my own wonderland journey and I thank you all for choosing to join me as we unveil and connect with our awakening times.
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