Uncut: How do you pray ?

Here I am having this most intense soul transformational download / if that's what we are going to be calling it ~ let's also add into this latest upload / download / overload of just so many epiphanies / understanding / connecting / memory connect / let's take a walk down memory lane / which lane I zig Zag on is how this ride has been galloping along as I in complete AWARENESS & RECOGNITION of all the internal PHENOMENAL things that are actually taking place in this magical well that lives deep inside of me / in me / thru me / next to me / all around me / this "Wonderland" well of Adventure and complete infinite discoveries that is uncovering all of me like a game
Of charades ... How colorfully Eye sees ... Within this well of me .. Having me freestyle this classic of an explanation of this cosmic duration of this moment of time etched in space - inside of this place - that a piece of me unravels - (((souls I swear to God ~~ who is God ?? I swear God is the sun / The moon / The Stars / all wise and well aware / as we all look up to the sky .. And see the magic / awe and wonder .. As simple as it can be .. Light creating Life / Duality .. Now what does this mean ?? It's like night and day .. Free this freestyle wave ..
Our souls crave ..
Truth ...
We can't handle the truth ..
The sun / the Moon / The Skies .. For our animal kingdom buddies don't lie .. Even they too look to the sky ..
Are you still wondering why??
Well this chick right here ..
she spits BonKers .
Arts Infusion to Solve age old riddles of every fiddles ..
just let her flow and sit and write ..
Take a bite of this apple
Seed & crisp away as resonance & absolute soul recognition begins kicking back in ...
Watch her prowl, hear her growl, kitty is meow.  
I came here a moment ago because my wonderMint of the moment was wondering..
well now that thought has for this moment gone for a stroll because I babble long I tend to not finish many things I say till a later date .. At times that takes time ..
Hahaha coming soon is a theme song I should definitely write one for me ..
But you see Enchanting Babble serves purposeful beats ..
The wonderMint being me realizing that whenever I have prayed I have never clasped my hands in prayer but growing up where we are prompted and guided by our churches to do so - those were just if I even did it .. Not anything actually for me .. Disconnect city .. 
Yet !! I pray !! Eye pray !! All of me prays ..
But why not this traditional / conditioned and drilled into us folk way ..
Perhaps many should question their own constitutions for their own prayer heartfelt solutions ..
What feels most right to you when you connect with your source / God / Creator / SELF ?? 
What does your body say ? 
What alignment is your practice in ?? Is it one that follows its upbringing and societal conditionings? 
Tsk tsk 
Wakey bakey ..
"time to smell the doughnuts"
Awareness / Infusion 
We are our own wonderful solutions ..
Take your plunge / your dive /

Crawl inside the hive of your own mind / body / heart and soul / your essence is your WHOLE!!!!

Truth be told ..
I am welcoming all these unleashed SENSATIONS ..

I had a major past life recall that had me of course hysterically in tears at the profound resonance and impact of a slap back into some major soul artifacts that connect with me this very day ...
What can I say .. This shit is in my cosmic DNA .. 
Even while I was crying hysterically after the entire moment while I was taking a shower / something else was happening / HEALING .. A major HEALING in that department of my heart .. Even as I clenched my hands into my heart as i cried, and oh boii cry I sure did ..
I literally saw all this LIGHT & SPARKLES all around me and this mist that was opaque and translucent all at once that felt omg comforting. Idk all I'm saying is that these last couple of years / well all my life / but these last 5 years or so in the awakening of my own REAL AWARENESS of many many many things ... It has truly been quite the TRANSFORMATIVE most UPLIFTING journey and experience even through all the bullshit in between. Through my biggest storms in this life I have been experiencing a major spiritual / self / essence as a whole major CHANGE / TRANFORMATION / ELEVATION / VIBRATIONAL SHIFT & soooOo much more that it EXCITES with every compartment of me that is infinite and vast. 

I only came on here to ponder and wonder prayer hands .. Trying to understand where my rebel was born in that ..  I'll enjoy taking it back as I continue to explore my own cosmic soul journey as I fulfill whatever purpose I am aligned in Purposing lol 

If you have made it down to here .. Thank you so much for journeying with me .. May you come and go as you desire, living to expire all that you inspire & upon every visit here inside of Enchanting Babble Wonderland, may you leave TRANSFORMED in some kind of most FANTASTIC POSITIVE UPLIFTING AWAKENED feeling AWESOME kinda way.  Let whatever magic that is meant to be for you at this time on your own journey be magical and everything you need 



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