My Summer Solstice / Full Moon TRANSFORMATION oracles

This weekend was a very powerful AWAKENING experience for me that I had the BLESSING of EXPERIENCING while at the same time REMAINING fully CONSCIOUS, ALERT & AWARE of all that I was FEELING & all the the things I felt happening inside of me.  This experience was one of the most intense & surreal energy shifts I have experienced and this one while it was happening did not care that I was in the company of others.  Usually many of my experiences in my own transitions, I go through the changes in the privacy of my own home, it has never happened outside of my private space & the message I received while it was all happening was to ALLOW this all to take place without any hiding or disassociation.  I was asked to REMAIN PRESENT throughout the entire process no matter what. Which for me brought to the surface an EMPATHIC AWARENESS that intensified causing me to feel outta of this world & uncomfortable having others see something happening to me that they became curious and curiouser and I became even more extremely energized with this chaotic nervous energy that could not stop me from endlessly talking.  My INNER KNOWING gifting me with CLARITY and UNDERSTANDING during the entire PROCESS with what was going on with me as a whole. 
I was truly PROCESSING it all as it was happening & communicating out loud in words expressing what I was experiencing was very difficult. I just kept saying "it's a lot"
  It was so much information that was whole and complete & engaging while electrifying every one of my cosmic cellular senses...
complete absolute AWARENESS (what felt like to me surreal jittery electric sensations) happening all at once that even in my chatter box state, I was not able to clearly communicate what was transpiring.  It sure did not stop my chatter, and believe me when I say as I was experiencing this, my human self, wanted to stop being so chatty ..
 sounding super trippy & out there..  I was picking up  & feeling not only my own anxiety, but others as well & the part of me comfortable with keeping away and many things to myself, it was a lot for me in experiencing this form of public transition... I'm sure an old outdated version of me would of internally felt humility in some way .. But I found my own way of interpreting what was happening & I humorously found my own ways to find my own comfort with feeling like i must be appearing crazy... And as this all was taking place & the more clarity that reigned, I really did not care at all others perceptions of me at the time .. After all this was my SUMMER SOLSTICE / FULL MOON Galactic And most POWERFUL Super Alignment Divine - 

I was forced to acknowledge my true "essence" "being" causing me levels of discomfort, humility and surrender, and teaching me the truth in seeing that comes when one remains PRESENT in their NOWS..

believe me from this entire experience my throat chakra is FINALLY cleared, for the she in me now OPENLY speaks...
So mote this be..

 When I say that for REAL this was one of my most trippiest of trippiest Spiritual transition vibration downloads that has happened in my life, even this expression doesn't warrant this experience Justice, because it really really is so much more ...
And the fact that this fell on a night that happened to have its own rare won't happen again in this generations lifetime,  under the influence were we ALL on this years PHENOMENAL Summer Solstice/Full moon SOUL transformation chamber that is responsible for the final unveiling of our multidimensional worlds ...

  I am going to reference/explain/describe the process that I was feeling as trippy & surreal.. Words we all can understand in some way ... 
 because it really felt like an unfiltered no holds bar massive download of EVERYTHING all at one time.. and intensifying every  FEELING  within me and amplifying my own intuitive mind, further AWAKENING my THIRD EYE SHINES and at many moments feeling like I can read the thoughts of others - I tried and tested it out too - That is the smart thing to do - especially if you BELIEVE all this to be TRUE / TRUTH - you must FREE your mind and exercise your INNATE rights of being absolutely connected to the DIVINE within you ... Allow for your own BELIEFS to  evolve overtime as you discover everything you are... And in your own AWARENWSS using your own TRUTHs from your discoveries and aligning it and establishing it into your Lifestyle Practice - 
and for those who can find their inner rhymes that shine, use your rhymes to HIGHLIGHT your life and path ... Experience your world of Awesome too...

 all of this felt like an overload of information with many feelings at the same time I was mirrored to face & digest ... It  was very overwhelming but I embraced and opened myself up to RECEIVE..
 its constant instant process of intense downloads making me feel like I was on some acid Wonderland ride of some kind of trip into the land of oz where I was becoming one with my own following the "yellow brick road" 
I swear whatever was in the air this weekend, I took that hit.. This alignment answering every wish of wholeness I truly
Desire .. 
 I even had mini fevers and these moments of my entire head and face just getting hot and sweating profusely at these random moments for no particular reason at all... (This happens to me quite often actually / in my own research of trying to understand what is happening to me / what is it that I've been experiencing all of my life .. Some reference this as a kundalini rise / that feels like menopausal / hot flashes - but this time it was happening like constantly throughout the weekend in spurts ) 
And believe me when I say, the last bodily feeling I ever wish to feel is sweat, I prefer to be cold... (freezing cold out of no where moments - I have many of those too - so stay tuned I am sure to share that news and reveal my many SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENING experiences and maybe you too have your own.. It's time to SHARE with the world- no longer will I hide behind this world and all of its lies) 
It's TIME to BURST to life ...
I'm excited to SHARE with ALL on these Enchanting Wonderland Loving pages..   
This PHENOMENAL occurrence of whatever VIBRATION frequency upgrade that was going on that took control over me (and lets not forget publicly too - like dude if I would of known, trust me I would of kept my ass home & experienced it all on my own.. but I got the message the moment it all hit my om, I was meant to REMAIN PRESENT in my PROCESS to experience what is always going on without shutting it off no matter how uncomfortable I felt and got - and being around people was the answer ..
 cause think about it - we all do that a lot - whenever something makes us feel "uncomfortable" - most people rather not deal with it - and that usually ends up with the person finding some way (their own way) to create some level and form of disassociation from that uncomfortable scenario/ experience - and before they even realize - this habit / behavior / of not wanting to deal with their own uncomfortableness - just becomes their way of life - not even processing their own internal process of how easy it is for us to avoid everything and anything that is uncomfortable - most uncomfortable feelings surface when a person refuses to face certain "EMOtions" 
Feeling uncomfortable is more of the physical act / superficial layer of was comes to the surface that is caused by a deeper rooted feeling and emotion ..- but most people stay at the surface layer of our conditioned labeling system that only requires for one to look externally for answers ..  Accepting the surface layers of things  and not even thinking to go deeper or further into their own understanding of WHY they feel uncomfortable to begin with... 

This weekend was BEAUTIFUL and since its passing, so much of me has honestly changed- inside / outside
(cause that is what it feels like)
For these are the "Days of our Lives!"

  Living to discover the ENLIGHTENMENT of my own essence/soul being by quantumly heightening and experiencing my entire essence TRANSFORM whole
 every single one of my frequencies in every single way IS still undergoing some high frequency leveling  and processing ..
kinetic effect and super phenomenally appreciated 

This occurrence truly caused a VISIBLE PHYSICAL bodily reaction to unleash within me 
 Even when I felt jittery, anxiety filled and super CHATTY (a FINAL clearing of my own THROAT CHAKRA also occurred during this major uplifting transitioning time, breaking me FREE of any block that prevented and blocked me from my FULL expression, and during this process it was made to be part of my journey of growth and understanding that part of this unleashing of my once previous block created an open flow and gateway & the energy being released had to take its own shape and form - and for me, that involved this extra excessive yapping away. 
Truthfully, I have been wholeheartedly working on the opening of my throat chakra for quite some time - and I had no idea a release of such great magnitude would be unleashed in such an uncontrolled way 
these cosmic blast most UPLIFTING / MEMORABLE it truly was a rush.. lasting for a few days (at least in that state of feeling - I wasn't sure if It would ever balance itself out lol ) I just didn't imagine that this all would begin so intensely while I was attending a family outing / in front of other people that do not fully process the whole of me - & so uncomfortably and yet surrendering enthusiastically, I flowed into my rhythms and beats.. Most HAPPY that PEACE exists within & for someone like me who is typically reserved and controlled in every form of my speech and acts, this all made me FEEL so out of whack but ALL in a most POSITIVE way -  this level of release was a gift bringing to the surface all of my blocks conditioned & now has me feeling FREE like a bird! 
Once upon a time my life was suppressed - hiding every part of my (secret) wish to express, making me but a shell of my own existence..
and WOW how things have changed..

The fact that I LISTENED to the FLOW of my soul and accepted INNER guidance to lead the way opening me in every way to RECEIVE this transitional GROWTH moment of a time, that was completely everything mine...
Has allowed
Me to fully embrace my RISE & SHINE  
with all of my soul, LOVE makes me WHOLE and in making my CHOICE to REMAIN an ACTIVE and most AWARE participant and observer of this process, I was reintroduced to the PRESENT in a most uncomfortable and awkward way for me  & the desire of fight or flight for the first time didn't take over, and by CHOICE I chose to NOT disassociate from any of my perceived feelings of discomfort and uneasiness (which is a form of line of defense many pick up in life when faced with pain, trials, stress and tribulations - we are taught to disengage and sweep under the surface everything that FEELS too uncomfortable for us to face and deal with) during this extremely difficult yet most interesting process I was also met with my own personal judgements that I have absorbed over the years and in that same instant I was also healed from those self imposed judgements that were never mine - realizing that our own experienced life pain really does do damage to us in so many ways that if not faced during those times find other ways to manifest themselves inside & outside of our worlds & they may even present themselves in the form of beliefs, behaviors, attitudes & karmic cycles of experience that root into our being causing us to energize into our lives things that definitely do NOT align with our own personal truths.  

In my practice of remaining AWARE and present during this long TRANSITIONAL episode that is still being experienced and processed right now as I write, I am FREE.. 
This all feels surreal and it is alot to take in & caused me to make PEACE with myself in all of my own awkwardness and feelings. allowing me to process and internally heal and rise while externally FACING being ALIVE & the reasons / TRUTH behind all of my own blocks & simultaneously RELEASE / HEAL me from the blockage of my own prison. 
  I am still processing all that transpired  

Yes! And about my talking extra explanation just to clarify - people whom know me well have known my chatter box ways and how I can talk and talk and talk non stop when I want to - but this experience with my chatter box ways was super different in every which way.  As I was absorbing this process and FEELING everything out on a WHOLE, I was also surrounded by my own family who FELT from me something different - I even know some even thought at first that I was on some type of drug because of how I was acting - which increased my own anxiety and heart racing from my ability to pick up their feelings and  curiosity ...  This transformation within my cells and DNA , like an instant download that was occurring on this frequency rate that felt as though I was on some type of trippy most visible by others too high. 

The process of what was occurring to me this weekend was super surreal and physically visible to others. Like whatever was occurring from within me was most definitely exuding on out ..

some physical occurrences that were happening during this TRANSITION 

1. Eyes even more so wide open then the new norm. 

2. I experienced at random times heat rising causing me to have these periodic moments of feeling extremely hot and visibly sweating

3. Jittery non stop breakthrough of uncontrollable chatter 

4. Non stop clarity/ epiphanies / understandings

5. Heart racing 

6. Feeling extremely light and bouncy almost felt like I CAN  fly 

SO Many things I intend on sharing 

Stay tuned 

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