Spirit of the Wheel Weekend Oracles

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Stone of the Ancestors
Strength - Spirit Path of the West
Renewal - Spirit Path of the North 

Listen up & listen good it's time you perked up your ears and gave a little tuning on in to the sacred messages being sent your way every single day. When the spirit of the Ancestors calls to you, there is much at stake. With every decision made and every action taken, either indirectly or directly affects another. Ripple effects of life spreading outwards. Be particularly mindful of your own decisions / actions & ask your ancestors to guide in your evolution towards reaching the highest good of your souls potential. The Ancestors assist in helping you to FEEL COURAGEOUS in trusting your own intuition, light and guidance. Remember every action you make affects another and you may find that a situation has presented itself that requires you to step forward and share your STRENGTHS with others. As frightening as this may seem, it is time for your STRENGTHS to be USED for the HIGHEST GOOD!  You are an excellent mediator and very good at ENCOURAGING others to do well. Using your STRENGTH requires COMPASSION towards others and a non-judgmental attitude. Be PATIENT with all that is unfolding inside of your own wonderland world. STRENGTH requires perseverance, COURAGE, and productivity blended with a FAITH in yourself, and in The divine plan held within your life force of ultimate power & Strength. Accept the reserve of strength understanding that it is only given when one has PROVEN themselves by a successful completion of a test from spirit. You have Proven your WORTH On some major level which is why this card presents itself now. 
The renewal card comes after a period of difficulty and strife. It represents the SPRINGTIME of your life when the cold winter snow is all gone and NEW GROWTH emerges. Amen! Stay grateful in absolute faith. You have CLEANSED your mind / body / heart / soul of past burdens and are NOW filled with STRENGTH & DETERMINATION. This is the PERFECT time to work on bringing your DREAMS into REALITY and succeeding at completing all of your GOALS. The positive and free flowing energy signifies a time of SUCCESS & EXCELLENT fortune. Confidence levels increase the more and more you begin to feel more at ease and comfortable coming into your own power. With GROWING recognition that you DO have something to offer the world, comes renewed BELIEF in yourself. This INSPIRATIONAL energy CAN & WILL help you to MANIFEST JOY & ABUNDANCE in EVERY area of your world. Make WONDERFUL use of this MAGICAL time. Your CONNECTION with the divine is STRENGTHENING. 

RENEWAL suggests OPPORTUNITIES are all around and it's time to put your gifts into excellent use & see how wonderfully they develop and flourish. Your life is truly a BLESSING right now and you have so much to be THANKFUL for welcome the HOPE & INSPIRATIONAL energy of the north as you work towards reaching your goals with RENEWED CONFIDENCE & DETERMINATION.  


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