Soul Transformer Oracles

In growing in my own awareness of self and becoming increasingly knowledgable of how much there is to this life that we do not know. I can only begin to connect and express with my own life experiences and learning. Realizing that I am a channel / conduit / vessel for many outlets of life in all of its expressions.  Even the ability to speak to myself, for myself, but not be myself, and yet remain absolutely conscious and aware of this entire "natural" process which has occurred for me since I can remember. My own awareness increasing to the duality and depth that exists within my own being that ties me to this life and all life. Connecting me to everything and anything and nothing all at once. The connections and divine understanding I do constantly receive blocked by my own karmic lessons of dissolving the invisible blocks that have been set before me, all in accordance to me and the many lives and experiences I have experienced up until this point / place in time. 

Mesmerized I am to explore further this soul explosive cosmic journey of mine and through this latest throat chakra cleansing I am happy to begin sharing with you all more and more 


#Soul #Transformers 
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