Are you A dead fish swimming with the Flow?

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The more you follow with the masses, the more victim you fall to these trends, and the easier you become dead fish swimming with the flow. I know there are so many fkd up things happening and going on in this planet & as sad as they may be, we can not continue to fall energetically prey to the nonsense of fear tactics being spun our way. NO!! It is an injustice to every part of our habitat- mind / body / heart and soul. We must find our STRENGTH to UNITE together and RISE passed these evil filled times & tap into our own divine power source of ENERGY that has the POWER to TRANSFORM & SPREAD ... I am not knocking the pain being inflicted or the outrage it causes us to feel .. Shit that is the life I have led for 35 years ... We all know pain, tragedy and sorrow & it shouldn't take for worldly tragedy to AWAKEN what's been happening for oh so long already ... OPEN your eyes WIDE & BREATHE & please for the Universal Healing that is very much needed all over our earth, let's RAISE our VIBRATIONS super high magnifying our innate POWERFUL right to Ascend in ways that are loving, compassionate, harmonious & bright. We really can do this. Close your eyes to the bullshit being spun & give your soul / higher self / God a listen & think about, what would LOVE do?? BELIEVE, it is through the LIGHT of LOVE that will TRANSFORM our world as we know it. Thank you for reading this far, may your world continue to be blessed so that you may be an absolute blessing to the world around you. Namaste #EnchantingBabbler #HollyWoodsGypsy #Be #Mindful #3rdEye #Awakenings #Positive #Movement #Forward #Reclaim #Your #Energetic #Power #Only #Dead #Fish #Swim #With #The #Flow #Gypsy #Oracles #Of #Healing #Love #Pray #Believe #Receive #Achieve #BeTheChangeYouWANT2SeeInThisWorld
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