Are the parents to blame for the Gorilla Murder?

 (((You be the judge - does Harambe really look like he is about to hurt this boy?)))
So as much as I stay away from television, news and all that media fiasco. I can't escape hearing news from time to time & so here it goes...

That poor gorilla that was "regrettably" murdered. For zoo keepers they sure don't know their "pets."  

I watched the video of the gorilla with the 3 year old. Granted, the gorilla had no intention of giving the toddler back to anybody. But where is the Animal Psychologist on board for "Crisis" Situations ... << excuse my sarcasm >> but seriously .. That GORILLA, meant no harm to that child. They could of tranquilized his ass if they were so fearful instead of resorting to "murder." 

Even when the gorilla dragged the toddler swiftly thru the water he did so in a way that supported the baby above the water. Look how the gorilla put the baby in the corner, and stood PROTECTIVELY in front of him on GUARD.. 

Yea he is a wild creature & yes he was a little anxiety filled reading out the energy around him. ANIMALS speak ENERGY NOT LANGUAGE ..
So while everyone (human) is standing around in hysteria because this gorilla had this toddler, the gorilla who is an EXCELLENT Energy Reader was FEELING that whole entire situation out. So of course he acted gorilla like and more aggressive. 

Like seriously, the people of this world think of every stupid thing to invent and no one ever thought about animal / human crisis prevention and intervention. 

And let me not even get into how that child who was three years old btw managed to go unnoticed by his PARENTS for such a measure of time that ALLOWED the child to get inside the gorilla nest in the first place. 

Like seriously ...

I'm not judging cause we all have our foolish absentminded parent moments but seriously like WTF ..

You are at a ZOO, with your 3 year old. Why the funk is your 3 year old not holding your hand at a place with wild animals and tons of PEOPLE. 

How long did it take the parents to realize their son went missing? However long it took them to realize <<<WHICH IS WAY TOO LONG IF YOU ASK ME>>> is how long it took that curious little Angel to cross barriers and perform tricks to get inside near the water where the gorillas lounge out. 

Of course that family wants to remain anonymous, they should feel like complete assholes for being neglectful and the REASON behind such a heinous act of stupid idiots with rights to shoot and kill. 

I may sound mean and harsh but seriously you have no idea how sensitive I am and how hurtful my heart feels having to encounter such a tragedy that should of never happened. 

That gorilla had NO intentions of hurting that toddler. If anything he was more protective at that moment then the child's parents. In protecting the child, the gorilla appeared aggressive to others. That is because he was, but to the others spreading their frantic hysterical energy. That gorilla had no bad energy towards that child. To the gorilla he probably was happy to now have a newbie to take care of ... I just FEEL & KNOW if they had someone there to better diffuse the situation & get all outside bystanders and watchers out of there that entire scenario would of ended up completely different and not tragic at all...
TAke a good look for yourself in this picture. The gorilla is fixing the pants of the toddler.  Does this look like a gorilla going madd and wild and looking to injure this toddler? 

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The media will sell the story of animals being from the wild and unpredictable. That's because they look at language as the only means of communication. 


Over and out 

And that's all I have to say about that 


PAY ATTENTION to your CHILDREN especially if you're at a zoo. Please learn from this sad story. 

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Who Speaks for Our Animal Kingdom?  

How can HUMANITY be so quick to be cruel? 
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