Why people need to leave Justin Bieber Alone!

So I have yet to comment or post about this entire everyone coming down hard on the young and constantly evolving Justin Bieber. Like typically I would not say a darn thing and keep to myself as I love to MIND my own business. But I did see some video that my daughter showed me & to me it was quite disturbing.  Now If I am not mistaken, Justin made a declaration to the world that at this time he would love nothing more than to be left alone whenever he is in public.

Now I know what you're all thinking...
How the funk can such a Hollywood Star "It" celebrity demand or command or request such an absurd thing?
Right? Isn't that what you're thinking?
Like who the funk is he to make such a request when he got it like that ?
Some might even be saying...
Well, it comes with the territory of being famous.

Says who?

Says YOU?

He even responded which honestly I would have a hard time doing explaining myself unnecessarily. Where's your frkn compassion for another soul ??

I know I can not talk about celebrity status when I myself am not a celebrity. But you know what... who gives a flying poop? I am addressing this disturbance as a HUMAN Fkn Being.

Human Funky Being...

Some might say..
Well he wanted the fame so boo hoo away Mr. Bieber - for you have no rights...
Am I right?
Did I get this ridiculousness right?

So anybody who lives this HOLLYWOOD Lifestyle must pay the price of never being left the funk alone?

So being an artist no longer has to do with the ART form - it has to do with the people think they own this Hollywood Celebrity that is on display?

What  kind of Blasphemy is this anyway?

Like WTF?


Tell me, how was he rude or mean ? What if he was going through something deep at that moment? What if some other LIFE shit was going on .. The same like you and I ? And even if nothing was going on and he just wanted to be left alone .. Does he NOT have this right ?? 

I am not condoning being a douche bag since that is apparently what people like to call other people when other people do not behave or act according to their standards of approval. Frankly, I could give two flying squirrels.  What I do not get is the audacity of fellow human beings believing themselves to be RIGHTEOUS in their own justifications of why this poor dude shouldn't be respected as a HUMAN BEING... like for real - just for this moment - Funk his celebrity status... 

Where is your HUMANITY??? 

I have been searching for the disturbing video my kid showed me of a most depressed looking Justin Bieber as he sat in silence while entering his vehicle as fans just went in for their kill. 

Found it...


LOOK at his face!!!!!
Where is our COMPASSION?
Of course a person can become volatile and seemingly rude when pushed passed their own limits....

I mean can people really be so STAR STRUCK & blind that they forget the person they are admiring, stalking, going crazy over is a SOUL with FEELINGS.


Just because you are a celebrity does not strip you of your HUMANITY!

Like how dare anyone be so COLD in this world to not give a shit about other people except their frkn STATUS.

It makes me sick to my stomach. And if you find yourself on the COLD end of the stick judging Mr. Bieber for asking his fellow HUMANS to at this moment in time give him some bloody space, then I offer you a nice swift kick of REALITY BITERS up your arse.... Like really.. what gives you the right to BELIEVE that you're right in pushing aside another persons RIGHT to be / FEEL free!

Justin is super young and he has so much life ahead of him in his own souls evolution.  FEELINGS and circumstances are always MOMENTARY and FLEETING.  So his feelings at the moment, are MOMENTARY and FLEETING. ALLOW him his personal space to GROW and come into his own. He will come to his own senses about his PATH in life and how he CHOOSES to embark on it.  He is right when he says he owes no one anything when he is not on tour, in a concert, or at any type of show.  When he is off "work" duty, he should be allowed his freedom to roam without feeling obligated to PLEASE the ungrateful world of people releasing such negativity and COLD HEARTED vibrations unto this planet.  

WHERE is your HEART?

It is said many celebrities sell their souls for the price of riches and fame - but seriously, who is the soul taker in this scenario when you try to rob a man of his freedom?


Learn it
Be it 


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