Sunday BRIGHT LIGHT oracles

This card reassures YOU that this is YOUR time <<NOW>> to be in the LIGHT! NO matter what's happening around YOU, Prosperity & BLISS are PROMISED! The QUALITIES of this BRILLIANT card are pleasure, happiness, contentment, GROWTH, success, JOY & illumination. The LIGHT always BRINGS forth NEW birth, a constant RENEWAL of LIFE. 
This is one of the BEST, if not the MOST POSITIVE cards in the deck & it's for YOU!! This is NOW your moment to SHINE! Your  radiance from within is VISIBLE for all to SEE. As people become attracted to your rays of spiritual light ~ SHINE BRIGHT!! & your compassion, generosity, inspirational ways & leadership will be a BENEFIT to many others as they absorb your genuine warmth that is emanating from within YOU!! Be discerning, but also be OPEN to whatever or whomever you're attracting, for your range reaches FAR & WIDE. The Light card reminds YOU that because of its POWER, nothing remains in the dark. Through its illumination, truths and certain paths before you BEGIN to emerge & CAN & WILL be surely SEEN! Using the ENERGY of POSITIVE thoughts & continually thinking about the HAPPIEST & most JOYFUL of memories and outcomes will LIGHT the path before you ever so BRIGHTLY & ATTRACT exactly what you're emanating. Keep on SHINING ..
If you're looking for some guided positivity for you to INFUSE in your life & would love for me to assist you with this process, kindly send me an email @ eye would love nothing more than to be of divine loving assistance to YOU! #Namaste #Holy #Sunday #EnchantingBabbler #HollyWoodsGypsy #Shine #Your #Bright #Lights #Now #BrightLights #Tarot #Enchanting #Oracles #EarthAngel #Dynasty #BeTheChangeYouWish2SeeInThisWorld

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