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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Olivia's Uncut Enchanting 15th Birthday Spectacular

So yesterday on my daughters birthday, I will say it was a most splendid and glorious day for simple celebrations. Love being our ultimate guiding light, force and ruler. I love this little girl no matter how grown she seems to get. For it is I, who is blessed. She always puts my motherly ruling to the test, and in love is where I honor her soul as she grows. I will get away with writing about her on this post because she's too cool to read and check out her Mommas blog ever. You have to hear me whenever I try to read her anything I want to share with her that I write. You would think I should beat my child. Lol but I happily scribble away and share all that I am going to say knowing she won't know a thing. Because I took some candid pics of my goddess boo and if you know my love, then you know this is a no no. 

As you can see from this picture here, clearly she doesn't enjoy being papped. But she should... She's absolutely Beautiful inside and out. 

We spent the entire day together since after midnight when the hour came of her birth all those 15 (6) years ago. We both couldn't sleep. On the morning of her birthday we decided that she would accompany me to my awesome half day of work at my awesome job that allows me to hold down the fort of our growing enchanted fortress. 
She's absolutely stunning. 

She's always blessed with good weather on the day of her birthday. So you can imagine how beautiful the day was here in the NYC area. She was her typical moody self pointing out to me throughout the day that her birthday doesn't change her attitude display. So patience even for me was the word of the day. Lol she can work some nerves everyday. What can I say except teenagers push buttons as they say. No matter the day, I honor her divinity always. So much so we even got into the most disgusting spit fight later on during her day. She has this nasty habit of wetting her fingers with her saliva and then surprise put it on any exposed body part she can get to put it on. Everyday I tell her to STOP! I'm like this germaphobe and that's just disgusting. As silly as I am, those games I do not wish to play. But of course, ridiculous is our stage, and almost everyday she does this and finds it hysterical.
 So idk yesterday when she tried it. I figured instead of 15 birthday kisses, she's long over due for 15 birthday licks. And there started this most disgusting spit battle of slobber that creates a face of disgust as I currently write this for you all. Spit shines and it even got to a little point where we both got serious cause we were both absolutely disgusted. But she's a persistent little fooker. Ugh it was super gross. It was towards the end shifting our vibrations that we cooled it down and ended it up with a truce, a hug and some love. I don't recommend trying this spit sport for fun. It's disgusting. It truly is gross. But that would teach her to keep messing with me. Which resulted in her coming into the bathroom later that evening while I was showering with a huge cup of cold ass water to dump into the shower over head and wetting me with freezing ass water as I bathed. These practical jokes her constant sport, makes me want to wrestle down her clown. These things make her happy apparently. I laugh as I write this in the quiet cart of the nj transit on my way to Gold Star Restoration where I will spend most of today. It's this thing we do. Blessed am I to have this awesome job of mine as I work on my own work to share with the world. 

I may not have all the tools but I find ways to work with what I do have. Simple art drawn on cupcakes with my
Good and handy knife. 🔪☺️☺️ and some toothpicks lol 

Processes and Progress is always a most beautiful thing. It has a ring to it now doesn't it ?

What an enchanted 15th birthday for my kid it was. I also baked her super magical birthday cake and cupcakes of love. Energized exclusively right for my birthday goddess. 

These cup and cakes of love are absolutely delicious and made with absolute loving POWER. Always remembering we are our very own energizing power house of towers. It was an honor to me to be the one to bake these for my love. 

Earlier that day I asked her if she wanted to go to the nail salon to get her pedicure or if she wanted I instead would be the one to happily give her a mini spa at home pedicure. To my surprise, she granted I Permission to be the one to give her a pedicure. So you know momma bear was ecstatic to hear a moment so rare where I get to be the one to paint my baby's toes. 
It's things like these that bring joyous tears to my eyes for being so privileged to have this bonding time with my rough around the edges, earth Angel Goddess.

Now I haven't painted anybody's toes in a very long time, but I must say the best part of this moment was our bonding and connection. She even got shy and told me not to look at her. She even tried turning away as if she can perform some twisting her body and contorting it around Exorcist move just to only give me her feet. Ridiculous and funny is she. Many laughs on her birthday we sure did have. 

Hey not so bad for a rookie lol 

Amazing and a wonderful blessing she has certainly been in my life. As a parent, we are the lucky ones and we should make our children feel that in every possible way. Not just when they are little and cute and all adorable. As they grow, it is our duty to nurture them as they evolve and bloom and even with all of their attitudes it's the art in life so get hip with this parent tune of rhythms and beats. Our children should never be forgotten and it's heartbreaking to see so many forgotten children in this world. The moment a kid loses their Adorableness appeal and factor, many parents forget to even pay attention. I see that shit everyday and it makes me sick to my stomach. But this here is a happy post and believe me I will address this parenting issue soon enough. Love should never be rough or tough. And enough is enough. 

So many intricate etched into my mind, body, heart and soul moments we share together that I feel forever blessed to have such a bright light in my life. I love her effortlessly. 

What's amazing that although she just turned 15 (1+5) = 6. Forever my baby 

 6 candles of Love and Light 

I look forward to our constantly evolving life together. 

She wants to celebrate her birthday this Saturday at Six flags Great Adventure. So that is exactly where we will be this Saturday during Memorial Day weekend. It should be an adrenaline rush of a blast. I am looking forward to riding the new Joker ride, that will certainly be a ride to remember. 

The enchanting quality time my daughter and I spent together will forever be cherished, for she's my treasure.  

May love and light surround your everyday world. If you happen to be at 6 flags this memorial weekend too & you see me, say hi. It's wonderful making connections with beautiful souls like you. And you never know, maybe we will ride the same ride together.  Oh my goodness, so much fun is expected to take place for my daughters birthday celebrations.

 So stay tuned into My Cosmic Enchanting Babble News. Have some new post topics & updates coming up :

1. Why everyone  needs to leave Justin Bieber alone. (My god I rarely comment on celebrity anything other than Jared Leto - but my daughter showed me something yesterday about the talented and gifted Justin Bieber and ok dumbfounded by the lack of compassion humanity displays on souls walking this Mother Earth. And I don't give a flying poop if the person is a celebrity or not. They are a soul just like you and me!!))

2. Enchanting Babble Podcasting adventures 

3. A little inside scoop of my latest exciting project / journey  

Stay tuned 

Love and light 

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Thank you so much for your presence inside of my world for it makes me all the more excited to continue on this journey sharing with all of you. I appreciate your attention and our precious sacred time together. 

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