Enchanted Birthday Prayer for my Goddess

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Goddess 😇😇 from my lips to gods ears , a mother's prayer. 
May your world be overflowing with love. Forever and always. May you always show love, be love, receive love. Forever and always . GodBless You. May your divine labyrinth of truth always reign supreme connecting you to all that you are, firming your sacred roots, may you continue aligned in your bloom and always remaining balanced towards your center (mind / body / heart / soul) May the duality of your sign assist in your conscious limitless expansion  as you rise & sun your shine living every truth and passion that you breathe , mind, body, heart and soul most confidently. May you constantly live your truth forever so bold and connected with thy self. Loving who you are Every step of the way. May your flower of living your life be kind with sweet compassion and a giving heart.  Gratitude your grounding fortress here on Mother Earth. Honoring your worth while always feeling LOVED & ACCEPTED for everything you beautifully are ... May you shine your light on this world so bright with love, peace and harmony. Vibrating your light and spreading it like a wild fire. May you always remain PROTECTED by gods loving mercy and grace. May you continuously evolve and prosper reaching and surpassing every one of your dreams.  With clarity , may you reign gloriously supreme for all of your days most enchanted in Every single way. You are truly blessed. May you always stay kind, REAL & being the change and living example of everything you desire to see in this world remaining forever grounded  and living your NOWS ridiculously HAPPY!!  #LOVE #you #Into #Forever #THANKYOU #For #Simply #Being #AmothersPrayer #Mum&Me #HappyBirthday #Birthday #Enchantments #CharmedLIFE #Gratitude #GoldenGate #Bridge #cosmic #SuperStar #Birthday #Prayer #Amen
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