Divine Sexual Healing Oracles

Your sexual self needs some attention. By drawing this card, you are urged to be honest with yourself about your own sexuality (desires / wants and needs ) and to take appropriate steps. Sexuality is an important part of life, not just to our physical self, but also to our emotional and spiritual selves. The Faery realm understands the unique joy that comes from sexual experiences. They know about the divine light that is created when you merge with a beloved partner. They understand the surrender and the release that sexuality brings about. By drawing this card, you are being guided to HEAL any sexual issues that may have arisen from negative experiences. Or any body image issues or to heal a sexually unsatisfying relationship. It's time for you to explore deeper truths and meaning behind it all, including your own sexuality and sexual feelings or lack of or too much of.... Whichever resonates with your own truths & life experiences. Trust in your being guided to the appropriate resources so that you can be truly FREE to experience the wonderful dynamic aspects of your own sexuality. 
Daily Affirmation: My sexual self is attractive, healthy and able to EXPERIENCE great and satisfying pleasure. 
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