Chakra Wisdom Oracles of Passionate Inspiration

Princess of Amber
This is a time of CREATIVE FOCUS & an ability to IGNITE the PASSION necessary to MANIFEST what you DESIRE.
The POWER of Amber is that FOCUSED EMOTION CAN create anything, for it brings the GIFT of emotional discipline

Pink from Pinkton
In the past you may have not been fully prepared to face certain facts & now here you are more than ready. Being willing to take the journey regardless of the outcome will prove to you REWARDING!
Embrace yourself, for you are in for your own self shocker of DISCOVERY by carrying out a commitment through to its absolute completion.

Wolf of White Light
To step into the LIGHT, we let go of ALL senses other than our pure INSTINCT. When unfiltered, it guides us to the high ground & the help of our Angels. This is a time to be the protector or protected. You will know which role you are in. 

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