Are you part of the Ascension Crew?

Are you one of the LUCKY ones to be experiencing ASCENSION symptoms too..
Like feeling dizzy and losing all sense of equilibrium? 
Do not fret or worry over such things...
This only means and confirms that we are ASCENDING and vibrating on a totally different frequency then previously before as we ride this 3D land called Earth, Mother Earth if you ask me. 

But in all seriousness,
these cosmic Ascension symptoms are you LUCKY too to be experiencing what can feel like a can of whoOp Ass at times...

Awakening the EYE in I, solidified.

Well BEAUTIFUL Souls it is TIME To RISE and SHINE... 

Here is a nice description of whats going down site can be found with this link:

The planet is being electromagnetically altered so that all beings can be plugged into it once again. Grounding the energy as it is filtered through our sun to our bodies is most important as we continue to get stronger and more frequent waves of energy. This energy has gradually increased over time in order to keep from blowing a circuit breaker in our bodies. If a person is not grounded, they can crash and burn and fry out, like the electrical plugs in a house. If the electrical currents are not matched up, the body could eventually be destroyed.
The nervous system in the body is the key to opening up portals to ancient wisdom. It allows the connection with the higher self in order for a person to remember they are, where they came from, and where they are going. The nervous system must be able to take the photonic current into the body, transduce the high energy, and to fit it inside the body.

 Higher expressions of a person’s soul makes a connection and helps to open the portals as a person grounds themselves into the planet. Committed carriers of light have an opening in their auric field. This opening forms a pillar of light and allows guardians to come and help with the transduction. The nervous system is a highway within the body and can only move at the rate at which you can process the data over the cells. Many are still cleaning out caverns that are filled with darkness.
chakrasThe photonic electrical current we are receiving runs through our bodies via chakras, which should be spinning wheels of light. If the chakras are blocked then we may not feel like we have any energy and may begin to experience ascension symptoms. Conscious effort in clearing the chakras with various healing techniques is the best way to get through this period of intense clearing. It is also necessary to work on clearing any stuck energy in the emotional, spiritual, and mental bodies that surround the physical body.

Check out link provided above for some Ascension symptoms, tips and remedies... 

Remember EYE am here for YOU!

Namaste Beautiful Souls 
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