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When it comes to MANIFESTATIONS - we must be perfectly ALIGNED with our own ENERGIES. Our energies must MATCH in every single way - living mindfully and consciously every single day in every single way.
Your WORDS have power
Your FEELINGS have power
Now it is time to FEEL and VIBE EMPOWERED
(this comes from within)
HARMONIZING with you in your life.
It will take DAILY PRACTICE to instill within your roots (deep) every source of EMPOWERMENT sweet - needed in order to MANIFEST all of your HEARTS desires - bringing everything you BELIEVE into life..
It will take MOTIVATION / DEDICATION / INSPIRATION and sheer WILLPOWER from you to make this EFFECTIVE and AFFECT your life POSITIVELY in every single way!
Enchanting Babble is your Souls OM away from Home - inspiring YOU to SHINE BRIGHT in every way - which is all within your EMPOWERED rights - we ALL DESERVE to live our lives FEELING WORTHY to RECEIVE the life that we DREAM
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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How to make contact with your Inner Voice?

Uncut & raw 

When we sit comfortably in stillness, it is then when we begin to hear & it is always up to us to decide if we consciously with awareness desire to tune in or not. 

Our Inner eye intuitive wisdom & guidance, it is our blueprint & secret hidden map of treasures and discovery existing within our human vessels unseen to the physical eyes. 

As you sit upright, make sure you have your back comfortably leaning against something for support. Like a wall or chair of some sort & if at all possible if you could lean your head back, do lean it back slightly.  If you're in this position, it's like a chin up Buttercup type of position, where your lean is resting comfortably & softly on the occipital region of your pretty cosmic head. As you sit in this position begin to breathe in lightly. Think of every inhale as feeling smooth & velvety & most appeasing to your aromatic senses too. For texture most certainly does have a taste. Allow for every thought that surfaces to be released with every exhale. If I didn't mention earlier for you to try it with closing your eyes. It's important for us to be aware that in order to focus on one sense ever so clearly, eliminating / desensitizing all other senses safely is one may that we can practice polishing each of our perceived senses. 

Just think about it like you would any physical therapy treatment for any particular muscle / body group / joint receiving the physical therapy. Part of this therapy / treatment is targeted in the strengthening and repair of a bone and/or muscle structure that has been injured & yet is still very much repairable/fixable. If you have ever received any kind of physical / massage / body work therapy & have had your practitioner target a certain area, then you know that the action for this is in their isolating of that area to focus on from all the rest of your body with all its other  pieces & parts. So it only makes clearer sense in what I am attempting at conveying as to the importance of being most mindful in how we coordinate & set up ourselves in alignment & practice. As much as it is important to align our actions with our true desires, it is also imperative to understand the reasoning behind our every step and prepared action we choose to take. This is called being conscious (being/ playing our active action oriented playing parts in putting ourselves into working alignment with our own God &universal order ~ whatever our beliefs are) this is YOU taking an Active intentional part of holding the reigns in your own energy formations & productions as you cocreate side by side in alignment & super positively & desirably aligning everything you desire & magnetizing it to yourself. Energizing & Reenergizing & connecting with ourselves is essential to our growth within/without our Wonderland World that is constantly evolving and changing <<< no matter if you choose to be or not to be / conscious // unconscious >>>>

when using this physical therapy analogy of critical & yet super expansive thinking, you can see clearer why how we choose to grow in the development of all our innate senses is essential to our growth processes and due to our earthly conditioning of our entire whole being suppressed  making the things most real (inside of ourselves / outside of ourselves feel as if though they are  beyond ourselves .... All things unseen to the naked eye & yet seen & felt & known to be real/right... I speak about these totally untapped yet tapped if you tap into them "things" "potential" that exist within each and every one us>>> 

Do you really want me?

Dig deep? I say me. But who is me? Read the sentence structure as it is written out loud to yourself in front of a mirror.

"Do you really want me?" 
<~ side insert of an excerpt from a talented soul, Jared Leto you have did it again.~> it's a line from my always favorite band 30stm ..

"Do you really want me?"

Eye am just discussing the "me" we should all be addressing when we sit still in our own environment & sink so deep within ourselves and all that we are in "essence" and ask ourselves, if I am this limitless soul with X amount of potential & ancient history, then how much of "me" should I excitedly be discovering as I explore these earthly lands. With souls such as I on their own discovery of 


Enchanting train ride chants melodically send shivering resonance seeping into our souls of "me" recognition. 

As you sit with your chin up buttercup, and inhale all that you are & exhale everything that comes up that you're not .. We exhale and we let that phish go. 
Lotus flower we are as we get comfortable surrounded by our watery depths of endless expansion & evolution. 

As you inhale & relax into your float....




Earth Angel HollyWoods Gypsy way 
what can Eye say, but that it's in our DNA 


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