Good Happy Saturday Beautiful Souls .. Blessings to you ALL & Wonderful weekend wishes sent your way. Thank you very much for your kindness, patience, participation, encouragement & support. Your presence inside of my world is greatly appreciated & means the world to me. Now on to this weeks Enchanting Faery #RoyalRuneReveal each card / rune meaning will be posted in the comment section & once I am done, I will tag all of you whom previously requested.  #ThankYou #Enchanting #Gratitude #Wisdom #Blessings #EnchantingBabbler #HollywoodsGypsy #Spiritual #Lifestyle #Adjuster  #Esoteric #Guide #LightWork #EarthAngel #oracles

Faery Rune Reveal #1
"The Student Surpasses the teacher"

Keep up your hopes, DREAMS, affirmations, visualizations & PRAYERS, as they are wonderfully being rooted into manifestation, RIGHT NOW! Do not quit five minutes before the actual miracle does occur.  You have been planting seeds of manifestation for quite some time & with all of your POSITIVE thoughts, actions and good deeds, you will be reaping these rewards.  It may get discouraging doing so much from your end without seeing anything tangible that supports such blind FAITH..
but keep on BELIEVING..
Hold on to your FAITH!! Although your manifestation is taking longer than you'd hoped, it is COMING TO YOU!!
BELIEVE this to be TRUTH!!
Kenaz literally means "Torch" - torch as a symbol of KNOWLEDGE being gifted to you at this time.  This KNOWLEDGE clearly states for you not to worry. ALL is MANIFESTING as you DESIRE. (Awakened / Pure untainted seeds constantly planted by you)  Kenaz is a controlled energy, so no matter how chaotically high & Low our own feelings may seem to be constantly, this rune is one that is stabilized and controlled.
Feet planted firmly on the ground!
 This energy profound in gifting a most speedy action filled, awe inspiring soul TRANSFORMATION (phoenix fire) 
We LEARN as we GROW 
This is a major shifting time in our rapid GROWTH and its acceleration definitely a roller coaster ride.. 
 Our artistry & skills highlighted/nourished at this time. Opportunity all around - shooting arrows / hitting targets..
Keep POSITIVE with DReams do come true Expectation!
 Skilled techniques enhanced, improvement of skills, school, teaching, the stars...
Remain dignified, your FAITH moves mountains.
Converse more with nature, let go of time & APPRECIATE each and every single part of this journey. 
You carry your light within - OBSERVE your own "Torch" 
(Phoenix Fire) 
Kenaz offers guidance, healing & disciplined control with harnessing your own inner fire with illumination. 

We must always be prepared to carry our own torch, creating our own path of light as we journey thru the darkness.  
The energy of Kenaz is filled with limitless potential to learn and to map out our steps with divine clarity offering ourselves a sense of contentment & peace. 
Kenaz is here to shed light on your path dispelling away the dark shadows of ignorance, and helps you to SEE with TRUE discernment.  This rune suggests that your own UNDERSTANDING must lead to your taking of ACTION.  Actions lead to instant satisfactions.  Light being gifted in your own darkness with Kenaz implies spiritual illumination. This is a time of deep personal understanding of life as a whole and your own placement in it. New Beginnings, insights & Wonderful Opportunities are here & you are encouraged to walk thru CONFIDENTLY & Graciously, for you are truly blessed.
Affirmation: I am safe, confident, and secure.  I feel joyfully ecstatic about my future & not even I can wipe this smile off of my face. 

 Faery Rune Reveal #2
"The path is hard and lonely and there is no end to sight."

Your relationships with your family members/loved ones are healing.  As you continue to hold loving thoughts and feelings about all the souls you loved involved (including yourself) you will begin to experience GENUINE HARMONY within your family, and with the relationships you hold dear and true to your heart. 
IHWAZ literally means "Yew"  esoteric meaning: Yggdrasil / Kundalini
"The axis or process of spiritual becoming." Upper and lower worlds meeting n midgard (earth). Rune of the mysteries of life and death.  
It is important to acknowledge our role that we play in the lives of the people we love & who have to deal with us on some form or basis.. everyone in our lives are affected by our beliefs and expectations, especially our family members.  When this card appears you are being counseled to hold only POSITIVE & LOVING thoughts about anyone who seems to have irritated, hurt, or wronged you in any way.  The more loving your ENERGY the better.  The more LOVING energy you send to each person, the more LOVE will be redirected back to you. 
Have PATIENCE - you are beginning to FEEL PROFOUND healing occurring in your family relationships.  The faeries ask you to think of three reasons why you are grateful for each member of your family.  Write it down if you must! If one person seems to particularly frustrate you more than the others, write down 5 things, or as many as needed to get you to shift those negative vibes & chuck them bye bye forever...
As within, exudes on out.. FOREVER.. so always Remember!
Eihwaz governs initiation into the Wisdom of the World Tree (Yggdrasil) and hvel (Chakras) - this representing your own liberation from the fear of death as well as any fears surrounding being alone/feeling alone/isolation. 
Eihwaz helps guide us in our own development of our own spiritual endurance and strengthening our own WILL to gain initiative into fulfilling our own quest and spiritual vision - in return this heals and helps us let go of any feel / need / hurt or misunderstanding we feel we need to receive from others - especially our own family members. 
followed with Family Harmony..
Peace existing within our own infrastrutures. 
Eihwaz is the symbol of rune magic. It is deflective / defensive in nature - and gifts patience, perseverance, foresight and protection against unexpected attack.
Allowing for FAMILY HARMONY to always exist. 
Eihwaz is also associated with the #13, which may raise eyebrows as to its # association superstition.  Eihwaz should not be feared, because it also represents continuity and endurance.  
Eihwaz also gifts safety from attack, it is a weapon of Willpower and defense.  
Family Harmony & Eihwaz message : This is a time of transformation and healing - all of this taking place on a soul molecular level that carries with it wonderful (also transforming) energetic vibrations.  Together, they ask for you to remain positive and loving and to embrace this new time, new beginning, new life and new DREAMS.  Keep an attitude of absolute gratitude.  The only thing ever constant is change, and this CHANGE is rooted and aligned with your infinite soaring skies.  Do not be afraid, do not resist, do not be untrusting.. 
Flowwww.. Woossaaaa.. 
Instead of questioning and doubting - manifest desired results instead.. 
Remain TRUE to you & Allow for what you have been energetically creating to come into fruition.. 
I see the goodness within each member of my family.  My family life is harmoniously filled with Love & Joy!

Faery  Rune Reveal #3
"The guide leads you to the doorway, then waits for your return."

You have the POWER to make a  huge impact on our planet.  Earth is a living, breathing being, and the faeries are calling upon you to help in whichever way you can.  Maybe you have been hearing the call and have not been paying too much attention to these signs / these inner callings that have been trying to make themselves actively known / aware on a surface conscious level.  By drawing this card, you are being asked to dig a little deeper inside yourself and bring to surface your planetary environmental contribution.  
Sowilo - Literally means the "Sun" (Sol) - it represents wholeness and success.  This rune is the seat of the soul offering guidance, wisdom & revelation.  Carrying the energy of the SUN this rune is meant to gift INSPIRATION, MOTIVATION & divine CLARITY.  Offering GUIDANCE, hope, SUCCESS, LIFE PURPOSE, CLARITY - Sowilo is a gift of FAITH in OUTCOMES - it is all about keeping FAITH in all outcomes no matter  how a moment may seem to be in reality.  Sowilo governs transmutation of thought into ENERGY for ACTION. 
The faeries message to you, it is time for you to take ACTION. 
Whatever steps you can take are the very steps needed to energize this most powerful energy into existence. When you spend time outdoors, ask out loud for guidance on how you too can make special contributions to Mother Earth's well-being.  You will receive divine guidance and answers.  
This is a time for you to offer your unique talents in ways that is meant to educate and inspire in others to learn and take part in their own way of environmental concerns.  
The ancient mystics were intuitively aware that the Sun (represented by Sowilo) provides this planetary system and its life forms with many diverse cosmic energies necessary for their own evolution of the life force needed to evolve and sprout into form, purpose and existence.  It is the power of the sun (and stars) that encompasses the dynamic energies inherent in all things within its system. Sowilo exposes matters to the clear light of day and strikes suddenly like lightning in a controlled and centered burst of overwhelming, massive ACTION.  
Sowilo contains the ancient code of HONOR. These are the common sense guidelines of morality that hold a society together beyond the letter of the law and holds the individual to "do the right thing." Sowilo a rune of SUCCESS & VICTORY, granting access and POWER to win, in doing what is right.
Right for you, right for our planet, and right for our world. 
Affirmation: It feels amazingly good to nurture and care for my  planet with LOVE & LIGHT & everything right.


Come again NExt Week for another fun 

Love & LIGHT
Guided always by Gods Angelic LIGHT


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