Enchanting Stage Oracle Reveal

Thank You for your participating & intuitively joining along... this soul journey that each of us are on - is undeniably a master piece of our own in the making.. What other way but to view our journey, our lives, our purpose in such a remarkable Insightful way. The laying down of firm POSITIVE Mindset roots that FORM solid foundations that energetically vibrate into our YoUNIVERSAL existence all things "Marvelous" & "Remarkable" - how GOOD do we FEEL vibrating this energy into our worlds??? We must ALWAYS be mindful of how we VIBE, because how we vibe is exactly the rhymes we prescribe into our world.  Regardless of what we say and what we do, if what we "vibe" isn't align/matched and TRUE.. doesn't matter what we do... how we VIBE is everything we MARINATE / CREATE into our existence.  So let go of all resistance & truly light your wear with Care.  It is always important to remain "mindful" of how we choose to vibrate our rays of "Life"
& Soul check points can be great.. 
at least I Believe so..

This is one of the reasons eye personally enjoy my constant quest with my intuitive connect..
as within exudes on out ..
isn't that what vibrations are all about?

better to distinguish what is really real..
& sometimes the more dominant energies that may not be quite aligned with our own personal rhymes can interfere with our inner "ear" -- hear..
so its nice to have 
SOul Check Points.. 

Eye meeting Eye
Soul Talk Time..
Exciting for I to take part in the unraveling of the Energy Shift that is currently Positively in place.. 

Thank YOU for meeting with me here.. 
Forging this cool path of Soul Explorers Exploring further and receiving soul resonating guidance along the way..
 messages meant to help us focus and realign.. 
with our inner divine..
our CONNECTive Components within...
I really do try my best to energetically bring out into play these visuals & motivationals in a mind/body/heart & soul truly helpful way.. So your presence here totally appreciated and valued..
Thank You...
And now with that all being said ...
lets allow this Soul Stop Drop & Listen moment to be our opportunity to retrieve the messages meant for us all during this current passage of time.. 
Our moment is Always right now.. 

Although you may have all made your selection of 1-2-3-4 the Faery messenger in the center applies to every selection of a card on every corner.  Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 & Stage 4.. As with all things we cycle about .. round and round we go..
but it is when we spiral to our center & reach our root that we are able to fully emerge whole - seeing from a grander scope of perception (due to our life experiences) the Bigger Picture..

This Center of this Cycle is rooted on building / Maintaining / Sustaining / Reaching / Having / Holding / Securing / Feeling / Vibing on  a whole 


Absolute and complete Self Reliance - and that also means the acceptance of understanding why it is so, peacefully. 

"You are your own best friend, and you CAN & WILL provide for yourself EMOTIONALLY, PHYSICALLY, SPIRITUALLY & MENTALLY."

Stage 1
Obstacles & Challenges

This card represents the obstacles, power struggles, old behavior patterns & challenges that you may now be facing but very well over coming.  For this is all too a part of your pruning of Self Reliance and efficiency. Proving to yourself, that you are more than capable of weathering every single storm that passes. For "this too shall pass." Most things that are "new" for us always may present a challenge/obstacle/fear - that creates the energy to feel overwhelming to us - especially while experiencing it.  This may feel difficult, and it will be, but its not impossible especially if you OPEN your mind & SEE the Bigger PICTURE & challenge yourself to Focus in the vibration of only what needs to be done - your "solution" and release any and all fears.  Dig to the root of the block that causes any mental disruptions and replace it with something more aligned with your true purpose & the energy in which you truly desire to create.  This is your time to ENERGETICALLY align and vibe yourself into the vibration of every desired outcome you wish to obtain.  This is all about your Golden Reign - not the obstacles and challenges faced.  Life is all about learning and forging our way to ALIGN divinely with our Inner selves that somehow get masked along the way.  It may feel very overwhelming and unsettling all the chaotic as it may seem changes taking place.  Take the KNOWLEDGE gained from this entire experience and APPLY it where necessary & practice taking every step mindfully energizing the wonderful vibration you should be creating during every weather forecast in your world.  This is an EXCELLENT time to think CREATIVELY and allow for this CREATIVE FLOW to shine forth & OPEN NEW venues and worlds of OPPORTUNITY your way..
Remember your world is always your own energetic display.. 
Key Words: 
Self Reliance
Will Power

Stage 2
Firm Foundations

This card denotes that you have already or are currently working toward establishing a SOLID FOUNDATION / SELF RELIANCE in the material world.  Using good judgement and heeding lessons from the past has assisted you in laying a firm ground work / roots inside of your world.  The FEELING / VIBRATIONS of security buzzing all around.  You are being reminded at this time to read Stage 1 (for it is imperative to remain mindful of every step along the way) The material power / access / opportunity that surround you now are blessings that should be used wisely for the empowerment and steady nature of your own evolutionary growth.  Remember to give back and maintain Balance in every positive nature - for true spiritual and material wealth is as much about giving as it is receiving.  Be flexible and allow things to continue to flow.  
Key Words:
Self Reliance

Stage 3
Rest & Rejuvenation 

We must cater to our earthly vessels with tender loving care & be mindful that it is essential to our healthy evolutionary growth to gift ourselves Rest & Rejuvenation. This card implies that a period of rest, meditation, & recuperation is in order; and this card usually comes after a particularly emotionally, mentally, stressful, busy, exhausting time period... in whatever shape and form it appeared in your world - this card is reminding you to take a Rest & come to a full stop...
Not saying you're all over the place. But, none of us here are robots, and all require rest and some form of intentional most meaningful relaxation at some point in time.  
The number 4 in numerology means "foundation," so this is a time to heal, to commune with your soul, and to continue moving steadily and most positively forward.  
Allowing space just for YOU and your own inner reflection being brought into Awareness is essential to your Growth and nourishment.
 We must be right within in order to steadily move forward positively.
We must be able to self rely on our human vessels too in order to keep ourselves healthy and moving Productively forward in sound peace. 
Reposing and taking moments for yourself will gift you the OPPORTUNITY to look at your life in profound ways, usually leading to gifts of divine insight and clarity.  
Rest we always need in order to be fruitful with our visions and Succeed.
If we wish to always be prosperous and ACHIEVE, we must allow our vessels the moments to breathe, rest & relax.
Self Reliance is Key Artifact.
Key Words:
Self Reliance
Tender Loving Care
Breathing Exercises
Soul Intervention 

Stage 4

Color: Red
Sound: Lam
Element: Earth
Gland: Adrenal
Key Words: "I have"

Known as the base root chakra, this energy center is situated at the base of the spine and is most closely related to all of our earthly issues, such as survival, the physical body, issues  of money, sustenance, safety and shelter. 
You are asked at this time to pay attention to your words and your actions.  Choose only POSITIVE thoughts and words to describe your home, your life, your relationships, your world.
The Base chakra is also the home of the kundalini energy centers within (snake/coil) when this energy center is awakened through constant efforts and receiving of increased awareness, it rises up our spinal cords through all of our chakras to the tops of our heads.  At this energetic point, it is said one will experience powerful enlightenment. 

It is imperative at this time that you only use words of power that are aligned with your current desires and needs and anything else should be discarded.  AFFIRM your desires as already being a reality, and avoid any worry - or any discussions which stir up this negative energy to marinate further into existence.  Avoid any discussions that casts yourself in a "victim" role or any role that is not suitably aligned with your needs/wants/desires.  To open your flow of divine manifestations, imagine yourself breathing in deeply to the base of your spine and as you breathe deeply imagine the glowing red rays in this area shining ever so vibrantly and bright, healing you whole from the inside on out.  Since every worry is a prayer, drawing to you that which you're worrying about, notice in your AWARENESS when this occurs and replace your worries with PRAYERS and POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS.  Call upon God, your angels, &  guides to help boost your FAITH & CONFIDENCE, which are two lovely ingredients to wonderful conscious manifestation.  

Key Words: 
Self Reliance
Words of POWER
Discernment with Speech
Manifesting Vibrations
Match your thoughts, words, vibes and actions


Thank YOU 

Love & Light  

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