TinkerBell oracles

It's not punishment ...
for love never punishes...
it may feel that way though...
it's self love & preservation nutrients ..
more & more 
Eye feel loves avalanche of painful pruning ...
it's meant for the undoing of all that never was or belonged .. only implanted & fed over time ..
Chaotic minds..
by the uncoverings
of third eye blinds ..
wandering eyes ..
filled with despise ..
and disdain for the plaquing drilled into our brains ..
American Dreams Insane ..
Freestyle reign..
our souls gain & access into sublime ..
records & keys ..

these entryways, all suppressed within our Eco soul systems ..
black hole void cast as a spell ..
Eye sees, stories tell..
imaginings cradled deep within our infrastructures ..
the walls must crumble down ..
"Humpty Dumpty had a great fall ..
all the Kings horses and all the Kings men, couldn't put Humpty together again."
Have you figured out the rest of the story as to why no one else was able to piece together back Humpty Dumpty???

DuhHh! Because it's his own damn job to do .. Ya know self empower himself with strength (some how ~ he must find his way some how)
and like any tower that collapses .. Piece by piece, in meditative receptivity, each piece is restored / rebirthed / recreated into a much more evolved piece of master piece always in the making of art ..
let's not forget the pieces of ourselves that make ourselves whole ..
this visual should help you to visualize in your minds eye for yourself ... Every piece of you broken apart that creates your whole & if you are unable to see these pieces of yourself that make you everything you are at this moment in time, well my dear, it is time for you to realign & scope inside .. & like shattered glass .. mirror to yourself every fragment piece that contributes to your 
& soul 
Energetic infusion that currently walks this earth - sharing and spreading so many of your pieces everywhere you go ...

AWARENESS of pieces is essential ..
never should they be made separate & viewed outside of oneself. ... No matter the given instant, we radiate whoever we energize to be at that moment whether we are conscious of it or not ...

Truth hits the spot ..

I may write and express myself and share Enchanting Babble with the world & for those who Come and visit this place ... But in essence ... No matter our differences ... I am here learning, growing & many times confused as funk about life & all its eccentricities .. That I stay scratching my head for days lol 
When people differentiate between one another, stating we are all on different levels ...  most probably tend to view this visual on some kind of hierarchy tip & because of this immediate (conditioned and drilled into us from birth inception) many become sensitive in talks about levels .. especially if one is told by another .. "You're not on my level." & I too am guilty of expressing this sentiment on probably more than one occasion as well as really feeling it and meaning it. Although my perception of this reality once perceived by me has now drastically changed, it doesn't take away from the meaning it had for me at the time when I first said it and meant it. 

No matter what "level" any of us are on& this pertains to levels in everything .
Social status level  / financial bracket levels  / physical stature levels / spiritual levels / educational levels // OMG you name it .. Our Conditioned way has a label and a box and a level for it to be placed in .. We labeled these findings as "statistics" .. No matter the melody & beat & life experience anyone has ... We each serve our own purpose & I believe all in whom which we encounter in our current lifetime .. Has a gift / token / insight / lesson / mirror to present us with .. Whether we unveil its uncovering for ourselves or not ...
in life ..
we hit and we miss constantly ..
but the objective is to aim to hit your mark ..
whatever that mark is for you ..
and as we can see from our own life experiences, many of us, aim to hit so many marks ~ trying to figure out our own true marks ~
but what's most important about this discovery .. Is to enjoy and learn from it as much as you can ~ for it is every part of your own soul and earthly evolution all depending on what level you yourself find yourself vibing on ..
AWARENESS of our energetic vibes 24/7 is essential ... 
I must try to get some rest although eye am very much awake at this time ...
Thank you so much for this moment in time where you took precious time out of your life, to meet me here... 
inside of this most enchanting and sacred place ..
if you're going to BELIEVE anything .. believe this sacredness to be true ..
many souls have been quiet for way too long ..
& have you noticed how much more extra and energized and chirpy the birds have been ~ even thru out this winter ..even with all the fake ass snow we received .. the birds have been singing a way different tune ..
energy NEWS..
open your eyes ..
for Mother Earth speaks ..
It's ok if you don't express these lands we inhabit to be called Mother Earth..
it's ok if you don't relate to this expression eye express ..
it actually took me many years ..
to even reference earth as Mother Earth.. 
it forced me to view more closely my own feelings about this planet earth that appears to be real lol and my feelings towards it..
In the spirit of all things in matter of "Essence" no matter if I reference something as "he" or "she" .. In the bigger scope of my brain so deep .. I understand much more intimately the nature of energy and as an empath, the feelings that manifest / emerge in my expressions ... & although androgynous in whole "essence" eye conceptualize and understand many things to be .. In my own conditioning and as well as for communication and all styles of writing purposes ~ this is the earthly language of words I have grown to know and have learned to use to express myself in a variety of way ..
the Writer & Expressionist in me, living soul free, to express myself as eye please. Openly & honestly in whatever fashion that emerges along these pages / post. 

Art is freakn dope ..


but seriously ..
I just get some sleep ..

Graciously I bid you adieu ..
& thank you for your part in my own soul journey. 

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