The Joy of the Future Oracles

When you look at the Joy of the Future, you will SEE that it is full of possibilities. The pixie holds nuts capable of turning into trees and the other beings are filled with joyful anticipation, ready to jump into whatever the future holds for them ~ except for the little man in the left hand corner. See how worried he is ??

Anticipation is really what this image is all about. The FUTURE is coming and will SOON be the PRESENT. There isn't anything we can do to Stop this from happening but we often fear what the future holds. This uses up a lot of energy. Let's be more mindful.  The same amount of energy can be used up to imagine wonderful things this NOW time brings.  It is so much easier to expect the worse than to imagine being pleasantly surprised that things turn out even more better than we could ever have imagined. It may not be so easy and simple to BELIEVE ~ especially with reality taking tiny bites here and there, but BELIEVING is SEEING & it is all POSSIBLE. if you concentrate on the present then you leave yourself no room to worry about the future. If you let it go, you will see all barriers melt away too. FAERIES live in the NOW. THE MOMENT ~ this MOMENT ~ matters more to them than any past or future. Our moment is NOW.. RIGHT NOW!! Get into this wonderful spirit of joy, just like the Faeries, and together let's be mindful and emulate them at their Brightest. 

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