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Thank YOU @king_emerging ~ FEHU - literally "cattle" a rune of mobile property, New Beginnings, LUCK & Wealth. It's energy is charisma that circulates everywhere you step. Strong sexual attraction is accompanied by this rune. It's built on wealth, freedom and mobility. This rune governs delegating your energies to others, power transference and projection. This is a sending rune and it can circulate far and wide. It's all about drawing gravity into your personal sphere. It governs promotions / elevations of personal as well as social evolution. Constant increases in personal wealth. It's the beginners mind and presence as a power success tool, but always remember you may consciously always be creating a fresh start, new beginning all attributes to your personal successes which is commendable and admirable. But never forget to the building up of deeper roots and meanings.  Fehu is actually the rune of luck. Luck is hidden but it is real and a powerful energy and this energy field is infinite and expansive.. All within your beautiful souls energetic field and it governs the capacity to hold this luck and use it like magic. This basic energy, your accumulated luck, is the foundation of the wealth and power in your life. Courageous deeds are central to increasing ones luck. Circulation of power, wealth and the mobility of all things is a key aspect to Fehu. These are associated with new beginnings, but keep in mind that there are no true new beginnings or endings, only the conscious marks of your TRANSFORMATION. #ThankYou #Namaste #RoyalRuneWednesday #RoyalRuneReveal #Fehu #Luck #Success #Power #Wealth #EnchantingBabbler #HollyWoodsGypsy #Tarot #Rune #Specials email:
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