Enchanting Weekend Flip the Script Oracles

Written Friday March 4 into early morning hours of Saturday morning March 5th...

In meditation so deep..

eye am granted access sweet..
& as eye take my leap..
I sink into the essence of everything that is, was, will be...
but that is how we are broken down to perceive..
these chopping blocks clickers feet..
"There's no place like home."
Blinding the mass to perceive "home" land as this faraway ...
hard to get to land..
Is your vision bad?
for eye believe we have all Gone Madd..

Umm.. a whom said that?
this here artifact of thinking that weed is whack,
ARTificial sweeteners ..
they sink their vampire teeth deep into us..
this right here..
these thoughts..
Free as can be..
Centered with Balance..
Swiss Beats
OUR time to be..
(( harmed are we ??)) 
play the track back and see ..
what words do we speak into our worlds ..
Do YOU perceive / conceive / UNDERSTAND..
the POWER within that can not be TAKEN from you / only made to BELIEVE and perceive .. deception / inception so deep ..
It's time to RISE & Be all that you CAN BE..
can you SEE??
Do you see All that you are .. 
together YOU & ME
come sink deeper in with me..
(he)ART skips beats..
tra IN Quilt IT y ES!
Meditations so sweet..
these moments where I melt into all that is ..
all that was..
all that will..
all that could be..
Will Be..
Can YOU SEE too with me?

bounding together ..
cementing Rhymes..
ART if i CIA l times...
on the CNN line..
cruise Fox Shines..
All over the TIMES...
UNFORM / INFORM / BREAK your every Circle..

"Circle of Death"
Repeats are Kept.. Cycling hamster wheels..

Scientist in the corner chuckling out loud.
their hamsters make them proud..
for none have realized / conceptualized / Determined for themselves..
that this world Can NOT be round when in fact our skies can not be reached and our seas can not be fully explored..

there is so MUCH more to life , to YOU.. And you're not meant to stay stuck in one space / place / race ..
Circle Lines.. Formed to disguise.. a Unit of "togetherness"
YES .. together the Hamsters shall play..
while the Scientist chuckle in the corner to themselves..
their darling little Hamsters..
none of them need help..
for they are built to last..
for they like this land..
Dreaming of an Eden Land..
that we have told them can not be proven as fact without any physical proof or findings of its existence..
but hey.. your muscles and organs..
we can SEE..
XRAY vision allows these things..
to get beneath our skins..
Trickery has reigned .. for way too long..
meanwhile how wayward, lost...
missing something are We??

in search..
in search..
in search...
of ..
Hey.. did anyone see Where which way the White Rabbit turned? I could of sworn I had just seen him a moment or two ago..

Well that's Strange..
I must of bumped my head again...
so we sleep..
zombie deep..
some complaints..
invisible energy constraints..
Mass Energetic WEapons used for Mass Genecide consumption..
Who was the genius to invent the line...
Books for Dummies..
Even I have scanned those pages..
simplified to pacify your mind..
blind your eyes..
FORGET ting the Disguise..

Twiddle dee .. twiddle dumb..
"Umm.. which way did he go George?"
Fine! Scratch your Ass but WAKE up Lad...
these Now its over times are so very bad..
This MAJOR inevitable SHIFT in LOVES Favor is RAD!!


STOP ping  the VIOLENCE..
let em' eat one another..

blown under cover..

evil spells all now are broken..

for God has already spoken..
understand to conceive ..
intake ..
breathe ..

accepting the token of an energetic living being Aligned with their own individual gifted to divinity ..
One being able to finally decipher tit for tatt and discern what is appropriately aligned and right with the oneself ..
aligning with the me in 
individually ..
yet together ..
God living in WE..
God he sees ..
we are the fractions of his whole ..
& these men and woman here on earth ..
Intentionally defected from birth ..
believing they're to blame..
but remember and swallow  this...

NEVER are we defect from the instant of our conception..
Reread rereread..

the pollution of this world, in itself has eroded into hell on wheels & yet invoking / provoking its polarity to birth into full existence ..
The root of all things being Love ..

for it is the beginning ..
and the end..
most HIGHEST of HIGH Vibrations..
no longer shall it remain hidden and suppressed..
for its RELEASE ..

LOVE has always been the Answer..
In LOVE ..
With LOVE..
Cause deep down we all truly want LOVE ..

in our own unique ways of how our soul craves love, we all are filled with our own desires wishing to be met..
hoping to one day meet and find ..
a love so captivating that it blows and sky rockets all of us out of our mind..
feeling like its the end of all times..
KNOWing its right..

maybe even feeling wicked scared out of our minds..
during these times..
for LOVE to Hit so bitter SWEET...
QUestioning every aspect of this Feeling so sweet that has never risen to the surface because it has never been felt..
Until NOW..

and it EXISTS so real..

and there is NO HIGHER VIBRATION then LOVE that can even get close enough to look as though it can match LOVE...
reread reread reread

let it sink in soul deep...
RISE & as we do .. we infuse  & we SPEAK...

Earth ANGELS taking center Stage..
for as Shakespeare declared..
"for all the world is a stage."


Angels meeting their Grace..

shhh <<spooks>> now broken allowing words OPEN & FREE..
Spoken word - Ancient Wisdom Truth..
Something unleashed from within..

when you reach and enter infusion cosmic spin..
and transcribe each hit that you encounter..
sacred juice..
deliciousness holds no water to its indescribable taste..
SAving PRivate Island..
Eye think, therefore Eye Am

God needs our forgiveness of him bad..
for as our Creator he too is not perfect  - and for as we know & understand all of life to be ..is one energetic source of constant evolution ..
God, our Creator, is evolving too ..
Let's stop sticking God into this mold ..
this square box ..
root his love & his loving message ..
but let's never root our ways to display & live out in our days ...
all things must EVOLVE..
do evolve ..
will evolve ..
let's be constantly open to our own cosmic growth of discovery & expansion..
as we move along..
for not even our creator could have foresaw it all as a whole..
divine sparks move
us inspiringly ..

Are we not made in the image of our own creator.
he lost all his thoughts on Creations long term effects  and in giving it his artistic little spin...
PASSION FUELED was he in making all that we know to be ...
Creators are we .. Same as him..
 we are like him..
Evolution taking its own form..
for in this vessel we are born into home centers that give shape and form to the very essence of our own beings...
think of video games played live..
is it not entertaining to the masses of population?
are We not made in the image of our God? if that is the belief we choose to believe / understand / believe?
what is it really that we are questioning..
we all have different ways of perceiving things..
our multiplicity not sickness..

its who we are made in the image of our maker..
rum platter shaker..
for we are all multifaceted and forever changing...

Go to the mirror and talk your talk..
and keep talking your talk till you get more comfortable with yourself..
see where this journey moves you ..
see what revelations come to mind..
let's go deeper baby..
for there is no end..
and with that, there is never any need to worry..
for we are more than these flesh and bones and things we SEE and perceive as ultimate reality... even for those who worship and go to a church..
even they forget who they are..
speak of flesh and bones not being who we are..
and yet they fight amongst one another ..
and they fret and worry..
where is your mustard seed of FAITH??
For we SHould ALL be FAITHFUL and PROUD..
singing this TRUTH out loud ...
no matter what these devils try to fool us with..

EYE kick Distraction to the curb..

The cunt in me says that is WORD!

Say Word to Big Bird..

shhh means LISTEN..
it does not mean to be silenced forever and always..
shhh means SHHHsh the foosh up for a moment and freakin take a moment to LISTEN..
then carry along..
Shhh... does not mean ..
"Never say a word"

HEart chakra's OPEN in G ON time..
not "Gone with the Wind"
it's FLOW through the breeze, allow the WIND to carry you on off, sweeping you..
off of our feet..
they make you look at the wolf, it's the SHEEP..
souls cries as they WEEP..
Pay ATTENTION would You Please..
Oracle layers released soul FUNda MEN tAL ..
DREAMING out LOUD is rudimentary

This Enchanting Babble going down in history ..
REMEMBER who YOU are & when you do ...
KNOW it with every fiber of your being too ...
For this is TRUTH..
who are YOU?
Eye am Artistic Evolution on Gods team of LOVES indestructible resurrection / resurfacing ..
H ARM oN Y ..

Fk HARMony ..

it's Blasphemy ..
synching together words that are defined to us So wrong ..
Singing a subliminal Song ...
HARM ON Y (fill in the pieces)
revelations in this station ..
Is this the first time eye realize this ?

Who wants HARM ON me?we?you?

This makes me add another long list of research forever long and going to add to my list making up new words for myself to use ..

this conditioning is cruel ..
spells on WHOM?

Watch what you say ..
Causing you're creating waves ..
and your LIFE is at stake ..

"All the world is a stage." 

find your place ..
and it ain't without as much as it is within ...

enchanting spins ..
take it all in ..

OWN it!
KNOW it!

For it is not I who speaks, but eye, connecting to the whole, displayed in a small pART, that in itself, divine, powerful, majestic & soul TRUTH, eye contributes for our YOUth / and YOU.. but my mission is our Children .. And they are OUR FUTURE & truth be told they are not as old as some of we, conditioned to be, absolutely stuck and stubborn ..

Unblock your block ..

and never let the unblocks stop..
TRUST me there is a lot, limitless and eternal are we.. for when you AWAKEN fully you will see, you have more life to you then what appears to be ...

To ALL souls, how old are you really ?

Ancient ones ..
No longer on the run ..
Glorious sun ..
shackles removed, we are 
roaming earth & creating powerful waves that not even the devil can interfere & eradicate .. for when EMPOWERED by LOVE, There is never any need for control..

With LOVE, it will gift this earth a NEW FOUND ENERGY that will FEEL so surreal, and it will TURN oN EVERY LIGHT.. 
and we BRIGHT LIGHTS, shine forever BRIGHT ..
out of darkness, emerges LIGHT..
for that line they got it right ..
they only DISTRACTED its significance with fear tactics, pollution and garbage.. Causing is to energize fear and worry, therefore forgetting our roots...

Like owl says ..
"GIVE A HOOT, and don't POLLUTE."

Like damn.. She could shoot ..
3 point baskets too ..
shorty is cute ..

random & easily goes off track ..
her own distract ..
ghost Writers Killer..
We all know in the light we can not fake what we truly don't have ..

just keeping up with keeping it real ..
Zen soul appeal..
from within exudes on out ..
So lamb chop your ass and without thinking .. Jump into your TRANSFORMATION chamber and with Faith & full trust, reemerge ...
you're whole when you're aware ..
remove perfect from every equation..
When you're true to you ..
you're PERFECT just the way you are ..

Even when you constantly change your mind and beliefs and thoughts ..
That's all part of our soul discovery evolution baby ..
every you is you ..
so let's stop separating ..
and start infusing ...

Eye never wish to sound like such a preacher sermon junkie here ..
but it's super true ..
plus it's the thing I do ..
I'm no director..
Just a soul inner inspector ..
radar detector ..
And I say this with my roller coaster bumpy hell of a ride life with probably more downs then ups to count ..
and still..
Having surpassed all of it ..
eye passionately and whole heartedly LIVE, EAT, BREATHE, and for the most part (as I said everyone has their moments) but for the most part .. ACT every part aligned with these words of POWER, personal FEELINGS of Belief that are the natural FUEL to the ENERGY my feelings create that CREATE & MANIFEST the world eye am emotionally energizing with my feelings. 

Cause that's the thing ..
you can say whatever the funk you want, but if your FEELINGS do not ALIGN with those words.. Ask yourself, what ENERGY are you really fueling / creating / manifesting ? And if you in your wonderful AWARENESS See that omg wait a minute they do not align ! Something is off and not right ! 

What comes next in line ? When we realize .. that something within ain't feeling right ..

Reread Reread Reread these
lines ..
FOCUS time ..

UNDERSTAND these rhymes for they serve our ultimate light source loving divine ..

Eye dream passed the skies ..
believing absolutely without a shadow of a doubt / that my energy that I create and put out is POWERFUL & EXPANSIVE & along with me is EVOLVING ..
such discipline & ultimate wii controller of our own Worldly Empire ..

building castles in our skies ..
who's to say that eye ...
won't be walking in the clouds all around ..
New land filled heights ..
Gravitate to leaving behind what no longer serves our souls... 

grab.. it ..Ate 

do not Allow for Gravity to fool you.. 


what is Gravity..
something that keeps us all from elevating??? 
shackled to the ground ??

 above us exist infinite skies soaring high..
and here they are telling us something different... 

clouds in the sky fill up our lives with constant reminders that we too can Float beyond what we can ever 


"Hey look at me, I am free, limitless, beautiful, uplifting & expansive." 
whispers our clouds.. 

The birds know this secret which is why in their wise knowings soar and fly so high..

Sacred EyeS..


so simple even the Aliens figured out how to do it ..

removal of convoluted. ..

Eye Know Gods Favorite Dish ..

in my own exploration of this ..
my one secret eye shall keep ..
figure it out on your own ..
forge into your deep ..
and know that your revelations will still never be mine ..
For you & I 
have our own divine messages to transcribe ..
and Eye am EXCITED for you ..
especially if you're reading all of this ..
that means ..
even if you're not listening or understanding ..
for enchanting seeds are planted ..
and beyond your flesh and bones ..
is your soul ..
and that's who my target Audience will always be ..
Eye speak to souls reaching their deep..
awakening masses from sleep ..
if you're here, even if you're here for all of the wrong reasons ..
know that these seeds are meant for you ..
YOU are meant to FLY ..
it is your TIME NOW to FEEL/ LIVE / BREATHE / your divine ..
it's our divine right ..
for LOVE is always good ..
if it's not good, it's not LOVE..
simplified ..
Reread Reread Reread 
inhale love, go deep ..
infused in me ..
many parts of a part that is part of a whole ..
so many facets into this earthly incarnation ~ even as much as Eye may see ..
eye know that I know absolutely shuHit! 
A quoted line, forever in my time, even before the age of 9..

"I don't know how I know, eye just know." 

and yet I don't know ..
ya know ?
Truth be told..
AWAKE feels crazy at times ..
Questioning the eye in I..
questioning all I hear, see & and all that I am shown ..
Society of scholars tearing down our souls infrastructure ..
"In God we trust."
Who is God? 
and if we are to trust in him, why all the contradictory bullshit being highlighted everywhere..
CAN YOU SEE how ENERGY is POWERFUL & how easily it spreads ??
Enchanting Babbler oracles shed Light on a scenerio ..
Truth can only be delivered by example, never with just words. For we are conditioned to mistrust everything and everyone & all LIES are spread globally, that everyone subliminally, closes themselves off and blocks many things away .. 
because so many OFFenders 
OFF END ers 
Roam this earth ..
Free by the fear they have instilled in our minds ..

It's all in our minds ..
it's all in our minds ..
Reread Reread these lines 
get rid of the TIMES..
every section filled
With Lies ..
coded carefully crafted words and images meant to subliminally implant in the mass / majority that sees ..

More ENERGY that depletes every ounce of ENERGETIC power we all innately possess ..
Causing mass hysteria and distress ..
horrible ENERGY circulating globally ..

they tell you everyday ..


REmove personal Belief...
read the lines inbetween...

One must 
to REBIRTH in them


the warning is real but not its definition of reasoning as to why it is occurring. 

if it's man made ..
it's energized by its creator ..
who is the creator of every one of your consumptions? 

There are BIGGER fish to Fry
when you live with Stink Eye.. 


Is the cook at your favorite restaurant a closet pedophile who as he cooks and stirs your meal, he's thinking the most sick & twisted demented things that he imagines himself doing with young children. And then your favorite waitor comes out, who happens to be really nice and serves you your marinated pedophilia energy absorbed plate of food ... And mmMm MmMm good ..
You eat every bite ..
loving it ..
but deep down ..
something just don't feel right ..
but you turn off the light ..
that weird creepy feeling ..
let's brush that too under the carpet ..

Ask yourself ...
What seeds have been germinating during your harvest ??
Let's not JUDGE one another ...
Condemn one another...
but lets be AWARE of the ENERGY that is most REAL out there...
we CONSUME it invisibly everyday & it EXPRESSES itself thru our 

Ancient KisS ..
souls all over this ..

duck duck goose .. 
Lucy Goosey .. 

Come hither forth & come fiddle with my riddle in the middles ..
sure does tickle ..


the ART of any POLICY / CONTRACT / BINDING is the INTENTION and PURPOSE behind its creation. Which stems from its originator ..

Who is the originator of your life ??
is it really you ??

or is it the invisible yet so visible others originating your path ??
Take a step back ..
think this thru Man! woman! soul ! 

Why do you ever do what you do ?
and when you're doing your do, is it for you ? If it's for you, why is it for you ? Is it for you because that is what you truly want ? Or is this part of what you believe you must do because that's just the way it is ? Have you stomped on all of your dreams ? Are you striving to be all that you can be, wherever you are ? Do you think you're a star ? 

how far are you willing to go for YOU?

Reread Reread Reread 
think this one too boo..
your answers are for you ..

eye too discover my own answers to mine ..
it's how eye shred my skin & ALLOW my soul to shine ..
without Ever confusing what's yours, with what's mine ..
empathic am Eye ..
hard lessons have I been taught about energy and absorption & the effects that exist all around in absolutely everything ..
not just people ..
living beings ..
but also in things ..
for we are Creator of all these things we SEE with our physical eyes ..
Dreamers our EYES..
naturally we visualize ..
no need to ever close our eyes ..
AWAKEN is Eye..
eyes wide OPEN..
even when lids are resting ..
No more doubt ..
"As I walk thru the Valley of Death, EYE, FEARS no Evil."

Fear HEARS ..
Go Deaf ! 

Not dumb or blind ..

Block out the pollution ..

and YES! it will be rough..
but we are SOULS, eternal and TOUGH..

don't Allow the pollution to create substitutions, that like a substitute teacher everyone likes, it only appears that way, when we deter away from the getting to know for real This substitute ..
A distraction .. one who nobody ever really gets to know ..
impersonal we know ..
but when we go deep ..
& we GROW ..
this EYE know ..

the name Shekinah comes to mind ..
with some kind of snakes intertwined ..
knowledgable am I without all the knowing ..
While everyone focuses on details ..
I focus on the bigger picture ..
and I know I've read this name before..
Numerous of times lol 
but for the life of me, although it comes to mind to write down on these lines..
I honestly have to (after writing and posting this of course) go and look that up .. 
intuitively later eye will realize what is up ..
for as we pay attention to our inner guides .. we search and we find ..
exactly what our own soul needs ..

Dream with me ..
in soft prayer ..
there is no need to be loud ..
& energetically like 
& it's spreading so much faster then a wild Forrest Fire ..
some silent cosmic shift undetected igniting further speed to our divine power ..
for in the dark ..
we all learn to hide ..
for with our masks we all have led double / triple / billions of lives ..
it is no surprise that POWER so DIVINE, with precision, patience & indestructibility would rise ..

undetected by scholars too..
for nothing more they can do ..
For this shift is way over DUE..
calendars man made and most faulty ..
New moon 
Full moon 
Blue Moon
All in tune .. With distractions ..
energy doses in fractions ..
Universal mathematics ..
Even those Powerfully Awakened and tyrants by earthly nature are not made to possibly SEE, this reign to be, for it doesn't exist within them skin deep.. Blinded they creep ..
cock slapped by their own perceived boners ..
Nothing quite as it seems ..
eye once said the hybrids have hatched ..
learning now this is fact ..
LOVE being that entity / essence / all mighty one many refer to as GOD..
GOD (is) LOVE..
so no matter the name / religion / you place him into ...
GOD <is> LOVE ..
and God in his own evolution (before any of this) learned thru his own dark nature to emerge into LIGHT.. Gifting NEW LIFE.. fresh perspective ..
Understanding fully the STRENGTH one exudes when one emerges out of the darkness  ..
you know what ..
it does FEEL wonderfully GOOD..

for God so learned the value of loving himself & honoring himself, that he wanted others to know this PRofound feeling of LIGHT, and so he manifested with energetic vision a world that can be physically explored in a variation of ways .. creating parts of himself all over ..
everything that is here / existing / that no man himself put here on earth ... 
well all these things ..
are GOD..
whoever / whatever / he is ..
to you ..
eye know who this "God" is for me..
& he and I speak regularly ..
in my conditioning God is he ..
but in my deepest of understandings ..
Whoever / Whatever 
God really is .. 
he is everything ..
all in one ..
every polarity of known existence and unknown swirling inside of our creator ..
but I am actually ok with referring to God as "He" for purposes of communicating deeper meaning ..
please Reread Reread .. Forget the words ..
Feel and understand its message ..
I've been writing this entry for a few hours ..
I did have some earlier distractions every now and then ..
Most Happy to be Peacefully in my space, and allowing my fingers to click clack away with 1000 wpm it feels like .. As I stare blankly down on the action and the motions and the screen before me ..
and I know I am doing the typing  ..
but where do these words / and their formations spring from ..
because when I stop to pause from this writing and I ponder to think of what to say or write next ..
eye have no clue ..
and yet ..
when I ignore that perceived writers  block ..
and place my fingers back on the keys to click click clack ..
all of a sudden feverishly I have so much to say ..
I read once ..
channeled words thru the process of automatic writing ..
upon this discovery ..
elated was Eye to resonate so deeply with something I always said and never comprehended ..
that when I take paper and pen ..
Most times I never know what is being said ..
Multifaceted are we ..
When we dare to actually SEE, all that we are and CAN BE!
enchantingly deep and sweet ..
But now for calling me out on my writing in explaining from experience certain things that maybe can't be quite explained to be understood logically ..
They do exist .. at least for me they do ..
but now for my own writing explanation, my own writers flow interrupted & now I no longer wish to continue writing at this time ... 
I have brought attention to eye ..
2:37Am my time ..
Picture time ..
Eye Writes these lines..
& excitingly I search and find ..
pictures ..
to insert with these rhymes ..
Enchanting Babbler am Eye ..
Am I ??

Mysteries are we ..
and it's beautiful 

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