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There's this girl that's been on my mind
All the time, Sussudio oh oh
Now she don't even know my name
But I think she likes me just the same
Sussudio oh oh

Oh if she called me I'd be there
I'd come running anywhere
She's all I need, all my life
I feel so good if I just say the word
Sussudio, just say the word
Oh Sussudio

Now I know that I'm too young
My love has just begun
Sussudio oh oh
Ooh give me a chance, give me a sign
I'll show her anytime
Sussudio oh oh

Ah, I've just got to have her, have her now
I've got to get closer but I don't know how
She makes me nervous and makes me scared
But I feel so good if I just say the word
Sussudio just say the word
Oh Sussudio, oh

Ah, she's all I need all of my life
I feel so good if I just say the word
Sussudio I just say the word
Oh Sussudio I just say the word
Oh Sussudio I'll say the word
Sussudio oh oh oh
Just say the word
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.. Make sure to make some time & schedule some 1 on 1 time .. Meaning you & I (eye) for our soul chat time & allow for inner cosmic align to arrive & transcribe your soul messages during this time in your beautiful journey of limitless awakening discovery. Believe in the infinite Possibilities that exist within you & allow for what may appear to be the "unexplainable" to introduce itself to you in your life, showing you that beneath every surface layer exist another world of worldly potential and meaning ... as long as you're willing to take this dive, inside of your shrine of divine majesty & endless treasures of inner connectivity that penetrates with your own being with such resonance and receptivity that gifts you such depth, clarity & understanding. Its always nice to journey thru our flowery meadows & be surprised to meet so many mystical magical creatures along the way. Just like the cartoons. Each mystical / spiritual being presenting each of us with guidance & a token of wisdom to carry with us as we continue on our way. 

We all have a purpose & in helping others, eye have found my calling. And I love it & so I offer my own esoteric wisdom of spirituality .. To any and all whom desire it. Namaste 
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