Enchanting Angelic Oracle Reveal

Thank you for your patience as well as participation with Monday's Angelic Oracle Reveal .. May your journey constantly flow in alignment with your path & purpose & may blessings upon blessings be bestowed unto every one of you ~ forever. 

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Angelic Oracle Selection #1
The Star
Guided by Archangel Jophiel, the Angel of Optimism, who is here to assist us in developing and maintaining a sunshiny outlook and attitude at all times.  Especially to every transitioning period.  Call upon Archangel Jophiel to offer you guidance and assistance in aligning you in unwavering faith, while staying optimistic about your future.  
The Angels BELIEVE in you and say that you have every reason to FEEL HOPE & HAPPY expectation. It's time to see & experience all of your hopes, desires and dreams.  Bringing to fruition the planted seeds of dreams you have saturated your earth with on your journey.  You are asked to proceed forward POSITIVELY, CONFIDENTLY & EXCITEDLY, knowing that all challenging times are now behind you. 
This is the time to undoubtedly reap all the beautiful things you have sewn into creation.  
Keep your FOCUS LIGHT & BRIGHT, filled with GRATITUDE & LOVE, for this much needed energy ripples its effects out into our shared universe creating cosmic energetic shifts in our earthly environment. 
Believe in the POWER within you to be the ENERGETIC transporter needed servicing this planet as a whole.  All of this while bearing witness to your will taking life in tangible form.  
Make all plans with the long view in mind. NOW is the time to envision your life the way you desire & will it to be & to take the necessary ACTION in this most positive of directions.  The expectations you set for yourself are planted in fertile soil. That in which you desire and wish, is already energized into existence.
TRUST & FOLLOW your INTUITION, as its right on target and in complete ALIGNMENT with you..
mind/body/heart & Soul
Additional Meanings to this card:
FAITH. A sense of purpose. A prosperous NEW BEGINNING. Being on the Right path.

Angelic Oracle Selection #2

This is a time to LISTEN closely and PAY ATTENTION to the messages of valuable advice being sent your way.  It is important that you remain OPEN in receiving this valuable gift of insight/advice that will inspire you with solution based oriented ideas that are meant to assist you in making intelligent & wise choices that will affect you in your future. It is important that your decisions be fair and equitable to all involved, especially in any professional type setting/project, business venture, quest or adventure that is currently taking place. The King is a symbol of someone with intellectual power, success and authority & is in a position to offer valuable expertise, judgement, wisdom, advice and guidance that is meant to better serve you and your soul needs at this time.  Make sure that when the King arrives in your life that you are open to see him when he arrives & be receptive to this Kings example, teaching and message. Divine Guidance is offered to us in many ways that gift us with deeper purpose, meaning & understanding into the things we choose to take active pursuit in our lives.  Exceptional clarity is being sent your way helping to gift you with inspirational direction on your next / course / steps / plans of ACTION.  You are asked to PAY close attention to the voices around you who exemplify the nature of this King, for they may very well be the voice of wisdom you are undoubtedly seeking at this time. 

Angelic Oracle Selection #3
RELEASE card #13
Archangel Azrael 

Archangel Azrael is the Angel of TRANSITION & is sometimes known as the Angel of Death.  Death being represented as a state of transition we all experience on different levels in our lifetimes.  His name "Azrael" means "Whom God Helps" This Angel brings Universal Healing Energy, love and comfort to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one, or to anyone who calls upon him in need.  Archangel Azrael radiates great love, compassion and wisdom & is willing to assist those working through many important life changing (sometimes super emotional transitions). This Angel is helpful in releasing all pain & inner conflict that may be felt and experienced.  Offering divine guidance, healing and support so that we may find peace as we grow and ascend during our own transitioning process.  Amethyst crystals are great stones to draw in the loving healing energies of this Archangel.  
When this card appears it is time now to move forward with a project or phase in your life that is now complete.  There is no benefit in remaining stagnant in the same place for too long, especially when it is not beneficial to you or your evolutionary growth.  Instead, it is time to shake off the old and WELCOME openly the NEW! In doing so you will experience a sense of relief at this ending even if its accompanied with some sadness. Either way, it is NOW time to leave that which you have outgrown & MOVE FORWARD POSITIVELY with great expectations. Take the time you need to adjust to this CHANGE/TRANSITION and embrace the unfolding of New Beginnings that are in complete alignment with you.  It is not necessary to rush ahead. Be kind and loving to yourself during this time of major influence, change and transitions. 
Archangel Azrael helps to heal your heart during this time, and lovingly encourages you to move FORWARD fearlessly while letting go of the past. 
Additional Meanings to this card:
Inevitable POSITIVE CHANGES. Facing your fears. Relationship Transitions. Spiritual Evolution


Love is the only way

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