Bleeding Hearts Flower Oracle Therapy

How auspicious during this BLEEDING Of HeARTS time in our lives. These are my flower oracle therapy cards and they are meant to INSPIRE within us, LOVE, FAITH, HOPE & HEALING. May the message these flower oracles bring be the right energy Loving power of HEALING YOU too need at this time. We all have things we are healing from & no matter the weather, we can all use some massive miraculous healing on soulCellular levels. 

Message: it's safe for you to LET GO of ALL old emotional pain. By doing so, you ALLOW your bleeding HEART to mend. 

Our time is NOW to RELEASE any and all pain that we carry that does not move us positively forward healing ourselves whole. There's no better time than the present to LET GO and release all these LOWER ENERGIES that do not fit into our Paradigm Shift of CONSCIOUS LIVING .. no matter what is going on around the world!! All these lower energies bring us is nothing but emptiness, confusion, pain and sadness. Please don't JUDGE yourself for holding on to these emotions. While we may hold onto certain experiences and the emotions tied to those experiences it doesn't serve us anything good for ourselves. It only creates powerful energy blocks that keep us trapped inside its woe of energetic misery. No more delays to our miraculous healing. It's time to BREATHE & RELEASE. Make the commitment NOW to shed all emotional baggage and rise to this NOW Occassion and BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE INSIDE OF YOUR WORLD. Let's give this energy blast a little twirl and feel / See / Live in its power and glorious reign. There is so much more to gain when we RELEASE all of our pain. We are made  to FEEL, so that we may learn to DEAL, so that we may MOVE on and HEAL. Replace pain with PEACE. let's be the energy TRANSFORMERS we know and can understand ourselves to be. WE CAN TRANSFORM our worlds if we BELIEVE in our own Power to TRANSFORM & with AWARENESS guide our power lines of ENERGY Fields that we spread every which way we go. Working with the energies of bleeding heart blossoms and Archangel Raphael can help ignite the FIRE we need within ourselves to BE this CHANGE we definitely CAN be ..

 The energies of bleeding heart and Archangel Raphael can and will cast aside the darkness and pain and shine their LIGHT into your heart. FEEL your center opening up to the warmth of LOVE & JOY. LETS SPREAD THIS VIBRATION TOGETHER!! HOld a vision of a POSITIVE future and hold your accountability in CREATING it. 

Let go of any and all pain, and resentments.  Release heartache, and take care of your being -- mind / body / heart and soul. 


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