Sister sister ❤️

Sister, sister ..
are you there ? 
Momma said not to leave you behind. 
We musn't make our Dear Sweet Momma cry..
Sister, sister..
tell me what it is that you see?? 
the looking glass of all our worlds perceptions ..
time Keepers are (we)..
(hee hee) 
Editor edits every rhyme,
intentionally prescribed..
highlights by divine Universal Law & Order 
Justice reserved..
our Souls upsurge ..
Dynamic & Bold
Gods earthly Angels..
& NOW is our time..
sister ..
Receive me now ..
Dreamers Pow Wow.. 
Homeward Bound 


Revised cause it naturally came about like this when I only came to edit two words & now this free write frenzy has taken over & as God would have it, eye shall leave it. ..

Forgive my randomness..
it's really not a mess..
just keep digging beneath the surface ..
there is hidden purpose that is written clearly for all to see..
Nothing is ever really truly kept hidden from <<We>>

There are no rules inside of Enchanting Babble's Wonderland. There are no rules, because there is no need for control. Control is only sought after by those whom feel greater than ((we)). Eye am no greater then the dot that dots every letter i. I desire to control no one, this does not include the ability one has to engage in the imaginings of mental stimulation & gain pleasure from whatever imaginings created that are never to be judged or measured by any shapes, platters or forms. 
An active imagination is healthy & needed in every human life. One does not have to be skilled in "arts" to engage in imaginings lol 

Please note that whenever I use the term "art" or "artist" .. Please note that my interpretation / definition / perception of "art" is vast & forever expanding. There is no limit to what "art" can be. Art is in everything and everything. It's all a matter of perception ... Many people have habits / rituals / ways of doing things .. To me, this is an art form. Isn't art all about style & form anyway? Styles & forms Infusing a creation ?? Manner + Manner + Mixed with some action infused Powerful Matter ~ that creates "art" ~ <<Matter>> 

Does everything matter ? Or does only matter ~ matter ? 

Sometimes i wonder, how do eye ever make sense ? Lol 

Anyhoo back to Enchanting Babble, a rabbit hole drop & bump in the head, awakening journey. A place where there are no masks & there are no shields & no one here requires any armor. For this moment, 
what energy do you read from me in these pages ?? 
What words
Float thru your mind ? 
Am eye Outta my mind ? 
or can you see passed illusion filled lies..
lies fed unto you During the course of your life .. 
purposely orchestrated to abuse & confuse your inner being ..
build up of plaque ..
silent but most deadly, we were born under attack ..
How dramatic is that ? 
Many have said my expressions are dramatic, but never once being able to deny the truth behind the theatrical expression of display I choose as my outlet to convey ...
so if my expressions about this world are dramatic & yet true, well buttercups.. What does that say of this world, believed to be in command, by some upper statesman. Congress of men and Woman. Delegating / dictating / ruling. All this mumble jumble of invisible faces that behind the scenes influence and determine everything we breathe & know to be ... 
Eye spy with my AWAKENED eyes, a worldly time, of feuds and lies that have gone on for far too long. But that's neither here nor there. Eye am me, do you see ?? 

And this me, is super grateful to YOU, for being so daring & bold & choosing to drop inside Enchanting Babble's rabbit hole Wonderland express Reign & so graciously meet me here in this space..
inside of this place..
designed For you & I ..
3rd Eye Shrines..
eye wouldn't say it's designed to escape our earthly world  .. it's designed more to Awaken every existing part of our beings 
<<<known & unknown>>>>
Infusing h2o
For our mind, body, heart & soul. 

eye always allow this place of #EnchantingBabble to be a freestyle written place ~~ where not too much of neurotic editing goes on .. Honestly in this department, I have come a long way. But I still have my moments & my ways, & so you can figure .. there are some days .. where The Editor in me, gets her panties all tight in a bunch & drives me absolutely nuts .. Lol 
so go figure. ..
everything here is meant to be uncut & raw .. 
Words convey meaning .. 
& that means if they convey meaning they also possess energy. All energy carries with it, it's own energy force field. Like for instance, I am sensitive to all energies around & therefore it is wise for me to always remain aware of this aspect of my life too. 
I love to write. It literally has saved my life.  I can not recall a time in my life where I did not write. I even remember writing before I knew how to really write, and writing gibberish, but at that young age I understood what I was writing / saying. Lol 
I know all language and words are subject to personal interpretation by every individual, but I do also understand energy & I know the LOVING energy that I transmit with every written word I share with you all, and if you're like me, sensitive & perceptive to the energies around you, well then you really CAN FEEL the genuineness in how sincere I am when I say with no exaggeration, that you Receive nothing but LOVE from me on Every single line on every single one of these pages, from every single year I have ever written in this space, in this place .. No matter my mood ..
no matter what roller coaster ride of life I have been on ...

Eye imagine and wholeheartedly wish with all my heart and soul .. Every soul that enters Enchanting Babble, I send & wish for immeasurable blessings, love, light, miracles, abundance, joy, success & all that good stuff. I even wish this for the few people ((haters)) who I know for a fact come on my social medias & hulk this place & such.. even to You ..

Omg who is who on You??

Anyways .. Seriously ..
Love only has time for Love 
& Even When the gangsta ninja Faery in me would sometimes rather, silence these itxhes With Lambs.. 
When I'm not being pushed passed my own limits, I could usually keep my cool & remain aligned with God by my side. That line even rhymed. There's magic in poetry, if only we would all open our eyes to see ...
I didn't even mean to edit and write this long. It was two words in this original sister sister poem I wanted to change. I decided to change it, because ever since I first wrote it, it bothered me when I read it back after I had already posted it. I tried to let it go. But I happen to stumble across the post a few times since first sharing & each time, somewhere in the back of my mind, she was there gritting her teeth unable to close her eyes to its incorrect almost intolerable to me nature. Lol

these Dramatics that can happen inside this Enchanting mind of mine lol 

Anyways it was simple ..
I wanted to change ..

"Time keepers we are" 


"Time keepers are we"

That was it ...

And so much transpired because of it ..

If you have been following for some time then you should understand by now that most of my entries are free writes & I am not allowed to Reread anything that I write till after I post & I am also not allowed to delete anything. 

I can change / enhance ..
I can do what I want ..
but I'm not allowed to delete ..
idk but those are some rules lol 

I really do enjoy this place ..
So much of my own souls growth has occurred right here where these words stand .. In between you & I ..

evolution is eye ..
is we ..
Do you see ?

This edit also began yesterday 2/19/16 and it is now 2/20/16 1:26 am. 

I think this entry shall end ..
& if you're still here ..
Thank you!!
Thank you for your presence inside of my world ..
Hope you will join me whenever I do finally decide to begin my YouTube channel. An Enchanting video segment extension to this Enchanting Babble place ... I swear I don't know what I am Doing .. But eye am doing ..Action its very important!
You want it?
Take Action..
as I allow my
Flow.. Eye also allow my grow & our Grow .. <<your grow >> {{{my grow}}}

we are meant to Glow / Light / Shine ..
key is finding our own rhythms & rhymes & finding our groove to shake it just right .. With passion, we ignite as we take flight .. into our Cosmic World of limitless Potential & Possibilities ..

Year of Focus, Order & Alignment ..
Further fine tuning our desireMints..
There is no other way, cause when you align, your golden Rays will shine & in divine right time, as we continue to vibrate in the most highest of frequencies, we will truly SEE, all our desires manifested into our realities. FAITH, is us ALWAYS BELIEVING, especially when all is unseen. Match your DESIRES with its proper vibration. Feel every sensation. We Souls are liberated. 

Let freedom Reign ..

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