God needs our Forgiveness

divine eye 
listening ... 
soul glistening. 
Gods plan in harvesting our lands & filling each seed, with riches Supreme..
one can dare to dream ..
What realm do you divide & conquer ..
come hither more ..
inside each door ..
Fall on your knees ..
& purify your spleen ..
nothing is as it seems ..
Chaotic one may think ..
but come on ..
a little practicing what you preach ..
don't you think ?? 
Soul penetration meant to elevate your mind.. These Enchanting Walls speak..
listen sweet ..
That world out there ain't nothing how you think ..
not even eye can conceptualize its full whole, for these vessels of OM contribute to the mask veil of blank stares ..
orangutan era of on Lookers & by standers.. 
Believe me when I say ..
This world is a staged play ..
time to get in the game ..
or fall away prey to their agenda ruling statistics ..
energetic blasts of there's no taking these Enchanting Babbles back .. 
Cause it's a fact !! ArtiFAcT! 
Royal Empire of what stories marinate into creational existence ...
The inner cries they have outpoured high ..
Cracking every black hole Sunken deep ...
feel Mother Earths heart pulsating proud ..
stronger than any
man here on earth ..
spark up her thirst ..
hear each bird chirp ..
Win ..
There's balance in the center of this explosive vortex ..
forget Hurricane ..
this ish insane ..
publicized with Fame..
Godly hidden shame of adornment with Reign..
all these years battling out his own 
<<< God needs Forgiveness too >>> a reflection of WE are We of Him... 
& in our reflections within, we learn to connect with our God/Goddess .. the Original Seed of everything we ever were ..
falling to the floor ..
wailing God, please no more ! 
Angry our we ..
assistance we seek ..
Bigger picture we miss :.

it's in the fine pruning our ultimate desires and bliss...

wrote this on Thursday Feb 25, 2016
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