Enchanting Smoke & Mirrors ❤️

Mirrors reveal many things that often we miss ...

but not this time ..

expansion ..

"The show is over ..
the audience is walking out of the room" as Paloma Faith, states in her wonderful song #SmOke & #Mirrors .

always play on & then there's that
instance, where players get caught up out there, like woah ..

the things we learn while listening ..

Enchanting Babble NonStOp 
won't stop ..

Beauty is an insiders job, and so is LoVe ..

In order to fly..
Yourself ...

As you perceive, reveals what you believe & as you BELIEVE, is what you inevitably will RECEIVE<<<Believe this most to be true>>>!

We are the MATTER we need, to ACHIEVE, every one of our DREAMS, GOALS & DESIRES..

Breathe deep, Live to inspire.
& Be the CHANGE YOU wish to SEE in this world ..

How you vibrating ??
Check yourself, before you wreck yourself ..

2016 Reminder of COMPLETION ..

if you're doing your do, you got nothing to Prove, the proof is always in the pudding. 

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