Enchanting Flawlessness

I'm not flawless.
Eye am Rawness. 
Eye am an Expressionist living Authentically from my soul. 
That comes with its highs & it's lows. 
 truth be told, it is part of our growth ...
but oh yea.. 
flawless I will never be, and that may be so, but eye vibe divinely from my soul, perfect in all my imperfections. Eye Positively Strive Forward, as I keep hard ass kicking  every block set in my way.  Devils like to play & Fk shit up / energy attacks
Super soaker Shockers
Earthling cock blockers..
just keeping it real Always.
My truth is all eye will ever freely convey. This evolutionary soul reign of pain, our gain. Soul vibrating super high, teaching EYE to dig rabbit hole deep, passed these optical illusion filled streets, dancing to my beats, in my inner discovery, of what resonates with me as Truth & not just what is subliminally & yet so directly sold to us all, twisting our minds up purposely, so we can't think for ourselves. Well if there is one thing eye have learned from my PoPpa is this, "always ask why, why never ends."  & for this is true. We are sold this circle of life that is built on fakery & its no wonder it STAYS on continuous repeat. Circles of time, same cycles unwind & each time its energy intensifying, causing ripple effects of stagnant Circle of life energy. Just a few weeks ago, eye learned an even deeper meaning of what it means to flatline. It means to go, and there is no circle that can suppress flat lands. Enchanting Babbler rooting for our souls to flatline as every circle of an illusion, opens & expands into our flat lands of limitless expansion. 
I'm not flawless, but eye am everything real & everything that eye wish to see in this world. Im excited for this journey & I thank EVERYONE of YOU who have been supportive, kind, blessings & magical enlightening forms of inspirations that have further inspired me to continue sharing my artistic journey of various expressions as Eye come into my own. Forever GRATEFUL & wishing every one of YOU, immeasurable BLESSINGS & may your VALENTINE's day be super sweet, filled with LOVE & LIGHT. #EnchantingBabbler #As #Real #As #Can #Be #Lotus #Blossomings #With #Courage #We #Set #Ourselves #Free #Dreamers 
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