Chin Up, ButterCup ❤️

Chin Up, Buttercup😇 never let anything in this life make you feel as if you must hang your head so low, having you energize such low unhealthy energies for your mind, body, heart & soul. Nobody is saying for you not to FEEL your FEEL.. Sheesh 😭 you MUST FEEL your FEEL to HEAL! Cause shit is definitely real out here in this field of earth we all share & inhabit. Something  is bound to happen, especially since we are raised on the  belief system of the existence of polarities in everything & anything. Believe, with ALL your HEART & SOUL, that no matter the weather, you Think yourself Clever & do yourself better & feather the weather KNOWING, mind, body, Heart & soul, that you HEAL WHOLE & This too SHALL PASS!! Be THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THIS WORLD. Like Tupac Says, "Keep ya Head Up!" Theres No way but UP from here.. Infinite expanding skies... Let your 3rd Eye SHINE! Stay BLeSsED, less stress & Always be Positive & Kind .. Namaste BEAUTIFUL SOULS.. have an AWESOME fudgin Day!!! #FullMoOn #Healing #Wonders #Stay #Strong #KeepYaHeadUp #BeTheChangeYouWish2SeeInThisWorld #Peace #Within #Remember #To #BREATHE
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