Dragon Tales ❤️

The Awakening of our Spirits within is what births every creation of our realities. Our Spirit connecting & Aligning us with our Cosmic Divine .. 
mind / body / heart / Soul infusions ..
Allow your Flame to ignite your every crave that AWAKENS  your most Ancient Fire Breathing Dragon within...
 You are more than you SEE.. 
dragons force you into your deep..
Fire breathing techniques mastered in their sleep ...
Set FIRE to the well of Love existing inside of you .. For LOVE  is your true seed ~ not this horrific misery of World Politics we all seem to Believe ~ afterall most Believe only the things their physical eyes SEE ~ declaring what they SEE as FACT & REALITY .. 
nothing is quite as it seems ..
as we All learn one way or another ..
many FACTors lay undercover ..
Always SOON we DISCOVER ..
layer upon layer we peel back our built in ARTiFaCtS ..
Where is  your Love & COMPASSION at .. for yourself / for other souls (even the ones you don't like)
What role do you choose to play in the current setting of our habitat & earthly living conditions ??? 

Are you intentionally playing your role as an Energetic Living being consciously contributing  to the RAISING of this earths vibrations to LOVE & LIGHT? 

Ok maybe not as dramatically as I state it (although for me it is this way / by choice of course ) so maybe you're not about this raising energies higher vibrational life .. (That's cool you don't have to .. But why you wouldn't want to is beyond me ~ but that's neither here nor there )) so you may not be about that life .. As for me im not so complacent with accepting that this is the way of the world ~ a world i happen to inhabit too ... I mean come on ..  Take a Look at what's happening all around this world. We live in Mass hysteria. FEAR being instilled every which way by "mystery" people ~ REALLY ??? The most horrible of actions being carried out by other energetic living beings (people the same like you & me) intentionally setting out to wreak havoc, terror & so much pain and devastation ... the outcry of injustices is one too many to count & it is  taking over our entire planet & we are CONDITIONED to Believe that we have no choice in any matters as to how this world is run / operated .. Meanwhile most of the rest of the world // (we the people) the larger of the populations I must certainly add ~ just sit back and watch .. Don't get me wrong ~ Many do complain about it all  amongst one another .. But seriously what GOOD is that doing ?? How is that helping the matter / CHANGING the matter ? What SOLUTIONS does complaining about something create ? & what ACTIONS are being created to make this CHANGE? 

 This world seems to get more & more CRUEL by the second & I swear every horrible thing I hear HURTS my heart ALOTTTT .. 
Being an Empath is not even the brunt of the pain I feel on a WHOLE (other level) & people wonder why I choose to stay inside my Own Enchanting world ~ away from all the noise / news / media. People ask me all the time ~ how could you not know what's going on in the world ? I don't need to / I feel it / eye see it / and I want no part in it .. 

 Attacking / punishing / executing / pointing fingers / HATING ... Etc etc etc this FUGLY list could go on & on & on .. Life & it's conditioned ways constantly repeating the same VICIOUS cycle & not understanding why in the hell these horrible ways of this world still exist .many with their 3rd Eye blinds on have rooted in their BELIEF systems that this is the way of this world. It is what it is and there is nothing we could really do about it. Subliminally, instilled from jump street (conception / birth ) one is born into a world ~ (inferior)  no matter what tax bracket & (powerless) no matter what household..
& we wonder why we snap crackle & pop along our journey ..
 I call this stupid belief systems BLUFF ~  born inferior by having to earn our rights of passage / respecting / obeying / submitting to our elders / government .. children made to FEEL small .. This war on the sexes .. This entire thing ~ it's utter bullshit if you ask me. 

ENERGY is the REALEST thing out there. Energy can NEVER be destroyed.
 But let me tell you what Energy most certainly CAN do ~
It can GROW / energy  SPREADs  / energy is CONTAGIOUS / it's TRANSFORMATIVE  / energy CHANGES / & ENERGY can be Felt / it can BE SEEN / Pretty much ENERGY is EVERYTHING, in everything  .. 
& no matter which way we choose to understand this to be ... ENERGY is WHO & WHAT we ALL are & that makes us POWERFUL not powerless. That makes us SUPERIOR not inferior. For WE ALL have the POWER within our own being with the innate ABILITY to see passed all the bullshit & to instead POWER STEER your own ENERGETIC VIBRATION to one that you would much rather SEE in this world. 

BELIEVING in ourselves & having unwavering FAITH in our own token / seedlings of a energetic earthly CONTRIBUTIONs... & let me tell you that alone is more than enough...
 to BE THE CHANGE THAT WE ALL WISH TO SEE IN THIS WORLD is fantastic & it's Life changing !! 

It may sound farfetched to Believe that you alone could make such a change outside of your own self. But that's not true. Being the EXAMPLE even without your realizing CREATES many ripples of most POSITIVE effects in whatever way they are meant to MANIFEST in...

 I CHALLENGE you to try it for yourself. BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THIS WORLD no matter what's going on in your world or around the world. 

 Have YOU ever really really TRIED to Intentionally ALWAYS be THIS CHANGE YOU WISH To SEE in this World? Think about ..
Think about all of your actions ? think about if your words / the things you say / if they completely Align with the things that you do.. We know our deeper truths .. Do all of your actions / your words / your thoughts / your FEELINGS .. Do these things Positively ALIGN ?? like all of the time ? It takes CONSTANT EFFORT on your part to live INTENTIONALLY this way ~ especially living in a world that pushes every one of your buttons ~ making it so very easy to revert to the Commoners way of falling prey  / victim / off track / creating many self  misaligments ..
everything feeling all out of whack ..
under attack ..
feelings / thoughts / actions / heart ..
life such a blur .. 
Give this a try & say bye bye to the way things once were & Eye CHALLENGE you to TRY & when you do KEEP on TRYING.. Don't ever stop !! 

I kid you not,  it's really not easy. I went from once having such a short fuse to now peacefully being all hippie zen and cool & Believe I have had my moments & till this day my patience and kindness seems to always be tested in some way .. I mean I am not perfect .. I am not exempt from flipping my own switch lol we all have moments .. There's no such thing as perfection .. & we all have that one button when pushed all bets are off & we lose our cool ~ we should take those times to understand ourselves better & learn deeper truths. Healing you much more profoundly then expected from a "slip of not being cool" .. 
There's No need to be harder on yourself (for losing your cool )we already naturally beat ourselves up way too often & it's time we LOVE ourselves & STOP!! 

remember we are predisposed to believing ourselves to be powerless which in itself opens a gateway portal for each of us to process what feeling powerless means  to us  ... & while we unconsciously fight ourselves we end up consciously projecting that unto others  ~ and start our fights with them (the rest of the world ) 

My most deepest PRAYERS  go out to ALL those affected by what's happening in Paris ~ you have no idea how much my heart feels this unnecessary devastation.

My heart is with you ❤️

 I swear, by God, our world was never meant to be this way. HEARTLESS .. Where is Your HEART ?? Where is the HEART of this planet ?? Eye know my HEART & it has weathered many a storms & coated in STRENGTH, & armored in ENERGETIC PRAYER.. I (eye) with every fiber of my being PRAY .. And I am praying hard .. And I am visualizing the MASSIVE ENERGY of my PRAYER .. TRAVELING & COVERING every surface of this planet ~ touching the hearts and souls of EVERY other living ENERGETIC being sharing this realm of existence & filling their mind/body/heart/SOUL with the HEALING power of LOVE, LIGHT & COMPASSION. No matter your belief systems / religion / honestly it doesn't matter at all to me what you have every right to choose for yourself to believe in ~ that's all fine and dandy with me .. But as we know even with science ~ the POWER that exists when people join together for the same cause... It really doesn't take much to take a moment of your time & close your eyes & with your minds eye you visualize the most brightest white light emanating from your entire being & this Light being ever so powerful is filled with Love & HEALING & it surrounds you & you are its conductor. Now with your minds eye, imagine this POWERFUL HEALING LIGHT OF LOVE spreading like a wild fire on this entire planet we all share. If it helps to visualize a picture of a globe .. Do it !!! You are more magical and POWERFUL then you could possibly imagine. What you do matters. YOU MATTER !! Remember when you pray & you visualize / you do so with JOY in your heart (no matter what's going on all around) LOVE is JOY & devastation / horror / tragedy should never rob us from the JOYS that LOVE brings. When you're raising your vibrations ~ it's cause you're purposely creating this much NEEDED vibration & you do so in absolute JOY because you KNOW & BELIEVE that what you're doing is WORKING !! It really is working ~ but you really got to do it. You MUST be THE CHANGE .. With absolute joy in my heart, (not erasing the pain that something like this causes ) but knowing that this ENERGY i am creating and sending is REACHING a heart & soul in need ~ providing them with the comfort, healing, & LOVE that they need. Knowing that this is what my intentional ENERGY TRANSFORMS Into (because I worked on it)) makes me feel really good ~ because I am a seed (just like you) and every seed sprouts something .. & this little (MASSIVE) seed of mine ... Is contributing ~ mind / body / heart & Soul to the raising of this Earths vibrations to that of LOVE & LIGHT ..

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