Enchanting Success ❤️

The thing that he knows,
that he feels down to his bones, 
is that I am real, 
and he knows ..
truth ..
it sinks deeper than any fabricated masquerade of this played out charade..
just calling a spade a spade ..
Some can't handle the truth ..
attempting to create more doom..
misery always loves company..
something this lifetime they unfortunately won't learn..
but they shall bear witness to how it's done .. 
shift tides undone ..
Kingdom of Heavens LOVE here on earth ..
LOVE drives out any negative wave / stage / display / LOVE ultimate REIGN ..

You can not fake what you're not ..
loves Camelot ..
enough is enough 
this is true ..

No matter our state of being ...
he feels me ..
this eye know ..
truth be told ..
Forever Amor ❤️
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