BERKANA Oracles ❤️

“The most obvious Truth is hidden deep within, and only you will ever know it.”
Berkano – “Burr-can-oh” – Literally: “Birch Goddess” – Esoteric: Birth, Sanctuary
Rune of continued growth and continual rebirth or renewal in all things. The rune of becoming.
Psi: secrecy, silence, safety, mature wisdom, dependence
Energy: container/releaser, female fertility, trees and plantlife
Mundane: motherhood, healing, gardening, child raising, the womb
Divinations: Birth, becoming, life changes, shelter, liberation, sanctuary, secrets; or blurring of consciousness, deceit, sterility, stagnation, conspiracy, insecurity
Rebirth in the spirit
Strengthens the power of secrecy
Works of concealment and protection
To contain and hold other powers together
Realization of stillness, the Now-ness of all things
Bringing ideas to fruition in the creative process
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