Monkey Lover ❤️

He left me for the monkey ... Lol awww isn't he super adorable with his upside down fully awake monkey.. He's in Dream Land right now ... Meaning he is fully awake in his ethereal form / traveling thru space & time / while his mind conjures up images that fit his level of understanding to process this moment in time. We've come to understand this natural process as Dreaming .. But just because our physical bodies remain stationed to our bedposts .. Aren't we more than our bodies ?? Is it really hard to fathom that when our bodies need rest ~ we lay down this is our action part & work on drifting off to sleep ~ but hello ... Are we not alive inside?? Why do so many have such a "hard" time falling asleep ?? Duhh !  Souls don't sleep .. But our conditioning has taught us to believe that this is what we do .. Uh~uh So soul Not True .. (So not true) our bodies need REST yes.. So lets REST our bodies but lets learn to really be clear with ourselves about what we are really doing when we are "trying" to fall asleep ... Do we really sleep / Dream as we are taught to believe ? Come on think about it .. Can you really imagine SOULS sleeping ??? (that thought to me sounding more ludacris by the second lol ) Eye really Think Not .. Sleep.. I'm beginning to formulate my own true understanding of what sleep really is .. 
we gave this action a name .. But are we sure we gave it its proper definition ? 
Eye think a whole new world Reorder & EDIT to our dictionaries & definitions need to be made... 
Times have changed & so has our understanding. That means everything we know to be as fact & truth needs to be revisited & revise all that needs an update & that's probably Everything . 

Revising our Planet should be a job or some type of an organization run by Awakened souls rooting this planet of horror into the Garden of Eden ...

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