MARVELOUS GRAND OPENING @ the Sweet Duchess of East Meadow ❤️

As excited & nervous as I was yesterday for my beautiful Soul Sisters Grand Opening, I can't believe I didn't get to take any pictures of the WONDERFUL festivities that took place. 

My Gypsy Fortune Telling tent was absolutely FABULOUS. 

This was my very first LIVE READING EVENT & if that's not nerve wrecking enough as it is, I can't believe I didn't get any pictures. 

From the moment I went inside the tent, I was transformed into Lady Gwenhwyfar, and I was super busy up until even after the event finished & others were still trying to receive a FREE reading but it really was time to go it was already going on 5 ☺️☺️

Eye am insanely GRATEFUL & super APPRECIATIVE of the many connections i made inside of this Enchanting Gypsy Wonderland Tent Spectacular, created by the Beautiful <<< inside & out >>>>The Sweet Duchess of East Meadow, Sofia Demetriou.  A most special THANK YOU to her <<<BEAUTIFUL SOFIA>>>> straight from my 
 & soul

such an ON POURING of LOVE & SUPPORT at this most SUCCESSFUL, BEAUTIFUL GRAND OPENING. I swear over 200 people came.  

Super AMAZING BLESSINGS to Sofia & her partner @ the Sweet Duchess. 

The place is absolutely Stunning. I will go back soon and take pictures & share with you all. 

Thank you 

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