Madd Hatter Alice takes Wonderland ❤️

she found the madd hatters 
she ain't giving it back ..
nOPe Siree BoB..
who is Bob ?
he is behind the tortoise and the hare ..
How is my hair by the way ?
this madd hatter hat has me driving this 
wave ..
Massacre of every rotten rose bleeds thru town ..
getting down..
It's so easy to forget 
what never grew the nerve to be 
chapter in a book 
burn the pages 
locked up loves misery 
Ring a ling 
it ain't no thang 
but a chicken wang 
too too Busy bees 
Honey That's 
Sunflower blooming dales 
Go to Zales, super sales ..
Crystal nugget 
blows her trumpet ..
Clocks exploding ..
our time is 
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