Crazy Lady is Back for Halloween Theatricals

Good Morning Beautiful Souls..

Halloween is just around the corner...

and interestingly enough I have some horror Psycho fanatics that are super horrifying because truthfully I can't believe that this woman could actually be real...
Like seriously..

I have a stalker  on my hands and the only way I feel the need to address this situation is thru my Enchanting Creative Wonderland...

This woman seems not to let me be..
She goes away just for a little while only to return with some more of her eery tales of her flaming love and desire for this catfish of a man she has created to entertain with...

Meanwhile in Reality Land..
I know nothing of she..
I know nothing of he..
but for some crazy reason..
this woman relentless in these tales she has created...
she loves to send messages my way..
calling me names..
telling me that her man LOVES her and will Always LOVE her and never me..

Oh silly woman won't you see..
Can't you see..
that is LOVE is FREE...
you claim this Spirit as if he were a posession..
you may LOVE and have whomever you please..
but excuse me Doll face..
What has this to do with me??
Should I bring this up with the Authorities...
Computer Hijacker Priest..
Location released..
Crazy Lady..
Have your cake and eat it too..
I do not know or wish to ever know you..
You can call me whatever name in the book..
the fact that you think of me quite often is the most disturbing of them all..
It's like obsession
have we ever met?
eye am an Impressionist at best..
but Geez..
Crazy Lady..
Change your tune....
Not even I am that much of a crazy lady Loon
Looney Toon
Change your Tune..
You are meant to be a being of LIGHT & LOVE...
you are as dark as can be...
I feel your dark breeze..
creepy and chilling

Protection is me..
No harm come to me..
Only the further rotting of your miserable soul..
Truth be told..
It is time to SHINE..
Release your anger hate filled tide

Crazy Lady leave me be..
Go with your Crazies somewhere else..
get some help...
Here is a FLASH BACK ATTACK of your crazy ass inspiring some Crazy Woman poetry from one Crazy woman to another...

Eye Loves Ya Crazy Girl...

Now don't make me whoop your ass..
cause I will
cause I can..
totally rad..
don't take it to that..
Faery ninja
Angelic sword..
The Angels say I am fine..
Listening time...
You will not be a distraction from this focus of mine..
Get in line..
Royal SHINE & Reign..
a line you are most upset not being a part of ..
story of your life..
money can fly you around the world..
but your blood line..
crumbles to mine..
 hush your lying..
Karmic spills and bends..
you would be better off dead
prophecy is said..
cause we are the Champions of the world..
LIGHT cast out Darkness
Rainbow Children of this world..
are rising ..
You feel it ..
that is why you ATTACK..
crack is whack..
fiddle with that..
You attack me because you are weak..

So apparently there is this woman spewing venom of a story land world she fabricated and concocted in her head..
I really feel bad for the woman..
she has it in her mind that her man is mine ..
or that I want her man..
here I am in search of this White rabbit man...

Like Woman so sad...
I feel so bad..
Ancient Soul Land for she speaks ill of me...
spreading her lies and her hate..
these people I have never met..
she swears I am after her man..
Meanwhile I am in search of this WHite Rabbit Man..
Whats her band like ..
she has issues..
policing every ritual..
reading into every post applying it to her Host..
like my WONDERLAND ain't your WONDERLAND man..
find your own hobby..
she speaks of toxic fumes..
old lady get a clue..
I do not know you
or care to know you
or your boo...
White Rabbit RULES..
psycho butters..

Who let the crazy into Wonderland..
We need guards man..
Like LEAVE me ALONe..
You make these stories up ..
You really should be a Writer..
Story Writer..
take everyone on some one nighter long rider...
Jock Hider...
Fables you feed the world fables with your tales...
Pinocchio is ALIVE...
I could care less and less about you everyday ..
but like that pesky mosquito
fly on the wall...
you're the shit end of that stick..
and I swear I do not take this lick..
Go back to where YOU came from...
You are toxic fumes to your own rotting bitter soul...

Keep your man..
Stop stalking..
MY WONDERLAND does not tie into you...
poetry in motion ...
sudden EXPLOSION...
you are the hidden EROSION..
good thing you do not live near me...
such a creep..
Fabricate your stories somewhere else...
Better yet seek a shrink Lady and go and get some help...
Ask Google..
Heard they can help...
Now you can read into this...
See utter no confusion...
This is quite DIRECT..
that is my AFFECT ...
all you do is effect...
get a clue...
I do not even know you
Owe you
i Do not even KNOW you...
Crazy Lady...
you provoke your own lunacy...
Strap her up place her inside looney tunes..
Watch on you tube..
Angel Guides

god on my side
Do or Die
I do what is right
moralistic BITCH in ME...
you won't see
its beyond your HIERARCHY of divine UNDERSTANDING..
you tag team..
One woMAN Goddess Angelically Divine And Powered..
Super Soaker 360
you don't faze me ..
just a page in my
I pray for you ..
Bless you Child...
Leave me now to my own Wonderland...
Learn it BruHaHahA

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