Alice AWAKENS inside of Wonderland ❤️

I'm so sick of this whack fright love
always dippin / flippin ..
 instant shrugs
Like woah..
tired & I don't want this no more 
I don't want to sip 
I already took the hit
did some flips..
rabbit hole type ish..
Alice, Does not want this 
anymore ..
Nope ..
nope Siree do Bob...
who's Bob?
I won't be easily distracted by theatrics..
Silly me..
TriXX,  i displease..
too much Artificial dummies for me.. 
not no more, I DARE & eye DO
say. ..
Adventures in Dodo Bird Town, chasing the White Rabbit no longer that's for sure.. 
This right here is the 

crack down of every clown 
that came to Town
who made me frown 
my enchanting
(you won't ever forget me)

Take down 

Won't recall a thing..

Always Live my life on a Swing a ling ding..
ring a ling..
ding ding..
Alice is 

FINAL count down..

Prophet is


Written in one of my many accents in my head ~ for many of styles of writings are written as monologues in many ways ... So always use your imagination whenever you read anything that I write ... Because that is the BEAUTY of words, for they burst to life & BREATHE an image into existence, just by words using their voice. We all have a voice. Its time we all found our best ways to Express them & be the very things we live, dream & See. THANK YOU, for your time, your eyes, your souls beautiful presence. BLESSINGS to you. LOVE TRAVELS the WORLD .. BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THIS WORLD & please do follow / ️Visit / Sign Up / Join ENCHANTING BABBLE a place where souls can ENCHANT their OM.. 
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