Albert Einstein, Enchanting Babble's Star Chief Editor ❤️

It's like, what I desire you to say & what you actually do say, just don't match ..
& some be like ..
Hey gurrl how would he know if you don't tell him ??
& I be like ..
if he were the one ..
He would just know & he wouldn't need any promptings from me ..
Now girl, do you see what EYE means??
cause eye needs that ..
no artificial 
sweeteners ..
feeding them the lines ..
Hearts & souls in sync ..
contented would be this heart of mine .. if one would settle the tides ..
but No! busy busy bees produce 
utter jibble bibbles if you ask me ..
Pouty? Please! 
Atencion ..
well... In other words if he were the one ~ OUR hearts and souls would just sync ..
blink.. Blink.. 
wink.. Wink..
no words need be spoken ..
A simple gesture from ones heart token..
a heart & soul connected beyond these superficial layers ...
see ? 
& let me tell YOU 
eyes don't see ...
& eyes don't even 
surreal, I would suppose..
that it is not he ..
well who is he ??
Well I'll be..
darned into reality biters ...
because as Eye would See he hasn't spoken these soul heart words to me..
turning him slowly ..
he's an 
imposter ..
Who falls short ..
of my loves 
Glory ...
Eye will always know when he speaks ...
his soul dropping me powerless onto my knees ..
kissing thee .. 
Always & forever ..
The very ground he stands on would be Unbreakable ..
Our foundation 
Lovers muse ..
& this one here ...
So not amused ...

Albert likes to read other people's stories & he loves to make edits & revise them into NEW creation ... He's actually pretty genius if you ask me ... Impressive soul indeed ☺️☺️☺️

Imagination Creations ..

Write / EXPRESS your Soul ALIVE 


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