Solitary Enlightenment ❤️

I am my own best company as well as best loving friend. I require ALONE time each and every single day. I do this for me in order to recharge & rejuvenate all my loving and positive energies. I will admit now that most of my time is spent alone & yet still I crave for some more extra alone time on many days. It is here where I meet with my own keeper, my god, my love & my friend. Since a very small child I have always enjoyed my own company I don't ever believe I cried of boredom unless I was just being a Faery pain in the ass but boii how times have changed .. Boredom is not even a part of my vocabulary system unless I am using it in reference to something or someone else. We have a well of mystery so deep within our own selves that it's impossible to be bored with ourselves (unless we are avoiding ourselves hmmm.. Please do think about that one for yourself)) a few years back I opened my heart up to love & receiving love & I truly do believe in the power and magic of love & intimacy & commitment but it's not what will complete me & even with another i will still honor the soul within me that needs her time alone.  I am highly sensitive to all the energies around me & it's with Love that I treat myself right & healthy. In complete love for myself I am able to LOVE wholeheartedly another & I will never use another to escape myself.  If you find it hard for you to be alone, or accept being alone, you really need to dig deeper into your own being and figure out who you are trying to hide from and avoid ... #Food4Thought #LetThisMarinate #Soul #Food #Solitary #Enlightenment #RaiseYourVibrations #EnchantingBabbleDreams #Be #Complimentary #Kind #Mindful & #Loving #HonorYourSoul 
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