Rune Oracle Calling - EOH The HORSE

  • Divinity : Frey and Freya 
  • Letter : E 
  • Symbol : Horse 
  • Element : Earth 
  • Tree : The Ash tree and the oak
  • Plant : Ragwort (Senecio jacobaea)
  • Stone : Agate, Opal
  • Color : Dark yellow, green, blue
  • Animal : The Horse and the squirrel (symbols of mobility)
Ehwaz is the nineteenth rune of the Elder Futhark. The horse's rune pronounces « Ay-wahz » , Its shape evokes that of this animal which was the most important and the most sacred animal of pagan Europe.
The rune Ehwaz symbolizes the emergence of an indestructible link, such as the link which unites the rider and his mount. Ehwaz requires a high implication to the completion of a goal. But the horse being also a means of transport, Ehwaz gives the necessary impetus to conduct with success all the tasks.
Ehwaz is the rune of motion, of the journeys (physical or shamanic travels). This rune helps us to move from a point towards the other one.
As Gebo, Ehwaz is also a duality rune, but contrary to Gebo, which symbolizes the union, Ehwaz indicates the alternation, the oscillation and the movement. This rune informs us that people oscillate between Sky and Earth. Therefore, they have to create the harmony between these two worlds.
Divinatory value : House moving. Journey. Job change. New links or new cooperation.
Spiritual value : If he wants to progress in his life, the researcher has to learn to control his feelings, because to reach the spiritual Knowledge the feelings control is required.
Physiological value : Lymphatic system, glands, connective tissues.
Wisdom guidance : " Any thing have two sides. Accept the duality in each of us, allows to move forward to the discovery of new horizons."

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