Musical Stretch Yogi Soul Therapy - Come STRETCH YOUR LOVE WITH ME :)

Sitting outside ..
listening to Avril Lavigne - Unwanted after an Awesome Yogi Spirit Stretch session with my 
Some Musical Infusion 
 - feeling absolutely undeniably Awesome... 

"No, I don't understand why
You won't talk to me
It hurts
Until I'm Unwanted for nothing"

It really is a good Emotionally Powerfully driven Song..
One that I personally can get into and sing my heart out..
dance my heart out..
stretch my heart out...
Yogi my Soul out...

these are the things that I do..
Every single day..
in every single way...

Ancient Soul roots surfacing on high rise..

Flying High up here, above the ground..
floating here in the sky...
"Lovers hold on to everything, & Lovers hold on to anything...
I chase your love around  a figure 8"
Ellie Goulding - Figure 8 
"so lovers hold on to everything & Lovers hold on to anything..
so lovers hold on to everything & Lovers hold on to anything..
I chase your love around a figure 8
I need you more than I could take..."
another beautiful song...
" and then you take it away..."

I really am Cheerful guys.. you know why??
Because I Stretched my Love into my YoUNiVerse...

This is just my shuffle and I use music to STRETCH MY LOVE...
and these are beautiful songs to get into the groove of my inner home / Om / center core...
this is my time where I DANCE with my soul...

Truth be Told...
LOVE is what I own... 

"So you can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans.."
Ed Sheeran - Photograph

"Love can heal"

"It is the only thing with us when we die"

"Hearts never broken"

 Music is our souls time to Dance...
To come alive..
and so the infusion of my body, my heart, my mind, and my soul..
infused in this moment musical harmonious time ..
Here is where I feel ever so more Alive..

Grateful is I..
that I aM..

Ooh Eye Am..
as I dance..
into alignment and my souls rhythm..
where I on this terrace, 
meet with the glorious sun as its beautiful rays warm me 


Blues skies making me feel quite at home..

as I stretch my Love alive..
Strengthening / Lengthening ..
blending ..
everything as the music rides right thru me...
I burst alive...
and every part of me Smiles...

Shut Up and Let me Go - The Ting Tings ..

jamming to my Sweet Gypsy mixed Faery Beats
on some terrace stop here in my Gypsy spot..

this rhythm won't stop ..
shaking my rum shaker..
hip swaying Latin Soul Spice..
swaying to each musical wave.. 
here on my personal private stage..
Enchanting myself for days.. 

"I want to take my love and hate you to the end.. "


Love this song..
"I'm so addicted to all the things you do, when you're going down on me in between the sheets... "


Addicted - Saving Abel...

Uncut Musical Mix..

I swear I do..
why not infuse it with every single bodily mix and function within me that breathes fresh air with every stretch / concentrated / isolated / balanced ocean of emotion demonstrated with my rhythmical Swaying bodily motion... 

physical motion..
POWERED by me EXPRESSING parts of myself from WITHIN..
as I motion with the wind...
I feel this WINd

I swear there is nothing quite like this INFUSION that ELECTRIFIES and PULSATES alive every atom and molecule within my being and inter-being - every part of me SPARKINGto LIFE!

Living this Absolute SOUL CALL LIFE...

truth indeed...

I live, I breathe..
I feed...
We ALL need...

But it starts with me...


"Who am I to disagree..
I traveled the world and the Seven Seas 
Everybody is looking for something
Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
and some of them want to be abused..."

Sweet Dreams - Emily Browning RENdition :) 

Which are You...
Live to ask yourself Why..
for Why never ends.. 
Why is your very best friend..

why why why 

why never ends... 


I say let's all Stretch it out ..
work it out..
within our own infrastructures..

"If you ain't right within.. How you gonna Win.."

Feel me?? 

"All i Know, is that you're so nice.
You're the nicest thing I've seen.
I wish that we, could give it a go..
See if we could be something..
I wish I was your Favorite Girl..
I wish as though I was the reason you were in this world..
I wish my smile was your favorite kind of smile.."

KATE NASH - Nicest Thing...

so yea..

"basically I wished that you loved me. I wish that you needed me..."

"I wish I was the last thing on your mind before you went to sleep.."

"and I wish we could SEE if we could be something..."

it is a beautiful song to 

to DANCE...
To Stretch to..
To Imagine with..
TO get Lost in...
To groove within with your soul...


We baptize ourselves by meeting with our own beings..

In these moments.. 

Our moments..

"Triangles are my favorite Shape.."
Tessellate - Alt - J - An Awesome Wave...

"3 guns and one goes off - one is empty and one is not even on.."

I invite you ALL to COme Stretch Your LOVE with me - and lets journey into our SOULS with Musical INFUSIONS... 


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