Lift Up SOULS with LOVE ❤️

The only way to ever HELP others RISE & SHINE their BRIGHT lights so BRIGHT is to be the EXAMPLE of exactly what it is you desire to SEE / ACHIEVE. Nothing is ever accomplished by Attacking others and bringing them down to some lower level.. thinking you're doing them a world of good. LOVE is NEVER cruel / Rude or EGO driven. What do you get by kicking others when their down, does it secretly make you feel good.. Are you so hell bent on wheels in being / feeling / seeming  right ... Tsk tsk maybe you just wanted to always take a bite ... Dig a little deeper into your swirls of inception ..maybe some inner reflections are in order for some SOUL cosmic REORDER / Transformer and order & align yourself with your true divine &  gift yourself a straight paradigm shift kick up your own arse & really UNDERSTAND your ACTIONS / Intentions and Purpose behind every reasoning you feed yourself with in justifying your own rotten actions. LOVE is the ONLY WAY !! #Namaste #Gypsy #Soul #Wanderer #Rise&Shine #Dreamers #Unite #Live #Soul #Right #RaisingEarthsVibrations #EnchantingBabbleDreams #Believe #Receive #Achieve #BeTheChangeYOUwish2SeeInThisWorld 
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