Enchanting Magician Oracles ❤️

Whenever the Magician appears we can expect to RECEIVE guidance, NEW OPPORTUNITIES & CREATIVE INITIATIVE. The energy embodied in the MAGICIAN is actively directed toward realizing our true SOUL POTENTIAL. The Magician represents our capacity for SELF REALIZATION. He is both Teacher & Guide & offers the gift of KNOWLEDGE & LEARNING. The Magician is associated with the Greek Messenger God Hermes, who acted as a mediator between the divine & human realms, & symbolizes the link between the CONSCIOUS & unconscious mind. When this card appears it indicates that you are about to undergo a very IMPORTANT NEW BEGINNING. You are READY to demonstrate your CREATIVE GIFTS & abilities and to further develop any untapped POTENTIAL of which you may not be aware. This is a TIME for decision making and ACTION. A huge reservoir of POWER & ENERGY is available for both CREATIVE & INTELLECTUAL pursuits. For the magician has the ability to draw mental & Spiritual ENERGY from ABOVE & CHANNEL it into the mundane world below. OPPORTUNITIES that require a FOCUSED mind and INTUITIVE insight are likely to present themselves, gifting you the CHANCE to further develop your wonderful skills. You have not only the MENTAL capacity and IMAGINATION to conjure up IDEAS, DREAMING out LOUD & making plans, but also the ABILITY to translate these into ACTION. ACTION key to our SOULS SATISFACTION. ☺️ It is NOW time to CONNECT with ALL of the resources symbolized by the four suits and PROMOTE yourself. Selecting the MAGICIAN means there are CHOICES to be made, and you must be DETERMINED and decisive if you are to USE your innate TALENTS to the FULL. #Namaste #Tarot #Oracle #For #Today #Now #Is #Our #Time #The #Magician #Opportunities #Creativity #Strength #Imagination #Creations #HollyWoodsGypsy for your very own personalized most in depth tarot reading kindly send me an email to EnchantmentsTherapy@Gmail.com #Earth #Angel #LightWork #Namaste 🙏❤️🙏
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