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On a collective in our own Sacrifice, transitions, growth and Spiritual Transformations we are ultimately met with Reward, Completion & a new Lease on life, where HARMONY & cooperation in all our closest of intimate Relationships can flourish reaching a state of perfection. 

Thank-YOU to All whom participated and I pray that the messages your SOUL receives is exactly the nourishment of encouragement needed at this time to further assist and guide you along on your most BEAUTIFUL soul journey.

Enchanting Oracle Selection Card #1



Summoning the dead to rise - Judgment reflects that all of us have to be accountable for our ACTIONS and face the day of reckoning. Judgment marks the completion of a KARMIC cycle and indicates that all our deeds have both POSITIVE & NEGATIVE consequences. Depending on the CHOICES we have made in our lives, we can either reap the rewards of past efforts and give ourselves PRAISE for much deserved successes or we have some hard lessons to learn. When Judgement appears it signifies that we must make CHOICES & when we do we must do so without casting any blame in any direction, including our own. Judgment implies that you CAN liberate yourself from old outworn attitudes and ways of being, thinking and doing things, whether this is towards Love, a lover, family, friends or patterns of behavior that have not been RIGHT for you. According to Karmic Law, each of us is judged after death for our deeds on earth. This card symbolizes the REWARDS and penalties that we experience, according to the true VALUE of our ACTIONS. "As you sow, so shall you reap" is the meaning of this card, & it reflects the NEED to re-evaluate ourselves and our accomplishments in a frank and most sincere and HONEST way. You NOW have NEW insight into HOW to handle your relationships & this is your CHANCE to start afresh, let go of the past and STOP feeling guilty for your previous actions & perceived short comings. LET IT ALL GO.. You are a beautiful soul and here is your CHANCE to Live the life that you DREAM. 
When we reach the end of a chapter, we automatically start a NEW one, but before we do so, we need to confront the consequences of our past actions and come to terms with the position in which we now find ourselves. Sometimes we can take delight in our achievements to date and have cause to CELEBRATE. At other times we need to come face-to-face with our mistakes or self-betrayals and RESOLVE any conflicts within ourselves before moving FORWARD gracefully. We may not be in total control of our destiny, but our lives are shaped by the decisions we make. Judgment teaches us that we are ALL in the end responsible for our REALITY and that the more AWARE we are of the CHOICES we make, the more RESPONSIBLE we will be for our own individual fate. 

Inner Calling

Key Phrases:
Accounting for Past Actions
Revaluation and REVIVAL
Dropping old values, embracing NEW ones
Accepting things as they are
There is no one to blame, not even yourself

The card of Judgment suggests that it is TIME to REVIEW your life and make sense of HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME & what YOU have thus far ACHIEVED. Be proud of your soul growth and journey for it is never easy EVOLVING at the rapid rate you are currently EVOLVING in - give yourself more credit and learn to be super kind and loving to yourself as well as brutally HONEST. You have the OPPORTUNITY to wipe the slate clean and make a FRESH START by coming to terms with your past. It is TIME to recognize where you have not lived up to your expectations and make PEACE with yourself or to REWARD yourself for past endeavors or maybe this calls for a little of both. It is always about us ACHIEVING our inner BALANCE, PEACE and self ACCEPTANCE. You are being called to make decisions by facing up to the facts rather than avoiding them. Judgment marks a period of consolidation and indicates the IMPORTANCE of taking certain realities on board. With Judgment you can at last get off the fence, make CHOICES and WAKE up to a World, YOUR world of NEW POSSIBILITIES. 

Dare to have FAITH in Everything you BELIEVE that is UNSEEN 

A time of HARVEST is heralded and the PROMISE of a NEW LEASE on LIFE. There is a FEELING of a weight being taken off your shoulders & this in itself FEELS absolutely good. You are able to forgive yourself as well as others for past mistakes and hurts. Limiting thoughts and behavior patterns that once held you back CAN be TRANSFORMED, as YOU are READY to DEVELOP an increased sense of AWARENESS and REJOICE in the EXPECTATION of a BETTER FUTURE.

Enchanting Oracle Selection Card #2



Family Happiness
Promise of MORE to come
Safe Haven
Unconditional Love

Key Phrases:
Feeling at one with the World
Seeing the LIGHT
Emotional Fulfillment
Completion of Cycle
Sexual Commitment
Love's Ideas Attainable
Restoring the Status Quo
Love Conquers All
 Faith is All we Need
It takes Two

The Number 10 means that something has reached a state of PERFECTION and is NOW complete. PERFECTLY in ALIGNMENT 
This card indicates a sense of permanence in the EMOTIONAL realms and the culmination of everything we could wish for. It reflects a sense of EMOTIONAL HARMONY, PEACE & genuine HAPPINESS.
A HAPPY and harmonious family scene is often featured on this card, with an embracing couple standing before a RAINBOW. 
Indicating cooperation and the Aspirations of FUTURE generations..

The Ten of Cups indicates that the joy you seek is within reach.  Whether it is in family VALUES, a sense of being at one with the world or emotional fulfillment in a relationship, this is a time to count your BLESSINGS and PREPARE for GOOD most WONDERFUL times. 


But always remember never become too complacent & always APPRECIATE with absolute GRATITUDE your BLESSINGS & Gifts. 

The rather sentimental image of this couple gazing in AWE at a RAINBOW of cups speaks to our HIGHEST ideals. We search for HAPPINESS & deeper meaning to many things & draw tarot cards to provide us with some meaning of what is happening to us right now and what is to come. 

When you draw upon the Ten of Cups the "YOU NOW" position, is confirming for you the FLOW of ENERGY within you is at its most POSITIVE & this message is responding to "YOU NOW" saying for you to make the most of it & bask in this joy & Blessings beyond measure. 
Continue working your hardest for PEACE & COMMITMENT, love the one you're with & iron out any difficulties. There is a sense of HARMONY within your closest and most intimate of relationships, TREASURE these souls. There is a sense of HARMONY inside of you as well as without which rubs off beautifully on those closest to you. 

You are a GIFT. 
You are the ChANGE you WISH to SEE in this world.
Appreciate you & Love You.
The KEY to the HAPPINESS door might be right in front of your eyes - - 

your nearest and dearest, lover, family & friends are all there to SUPPORT you..
KEEP opening Your HEART..
Imagine your HEART CHAKRA GLowing Brightly on Blast...
Now is your time ..
Feel your shine.. 

The Ten of cups symbolizes JOY in a marriage, relationship, friendship or partnership.  SUCCESS is assured and we can rest secure in the KNOWLEDGE that we have reached our personal goals as we continue to reach for every one of our personal goals, dreams and aspirations.  This card indicates LASTING HAPPINESS. which has been ACHIEVED through our own EFFORTS.

Believing is SEEING

Although we still need to work at our relationships in order for them to GROW, the Ten of cups suggests that we have found what we are looking for. 
NOTHING can permanently threaten our HARMONY. This card marks the summation of the potential of the suit of Cups and indicates the pinnacle of what CAN be ACHIEVED in terms of LOVE & HAPPINESS
The ten of cups also describes a state of SPIRITUAL HARMONY that comes from VALUING ourselves for what we are. 


The entwined arms are a symbol of the couples emotional security..
Loyal Royals..

When the Ten of Cups appears in a spread, it means that A CHERISHED WISH will be granted. You have a FEELING of emotional security & permanence that gives RISE to a deep sense of well-being.  Family life is a source of much HAPPINESS & the birth of a child may also be indicated as well as the BIRTH of CREATIVITY & INSPIRATION. 
You are able to extend the LOVE & PASSION of your Union to your children as well as others.  You are able to GIVE yourself FREELY to those around you.  You have GAINED a feeling of PEACE & there is a STRONG sense that EVERYTHING in your life is WORKING out for the BEST. On the EMOTIONAL front, you can EXPECT the most POSITIVE of outcomes.  All of your NEEDS in this respect are provided for.

Enchanting Oracle Selection Card # 3



Although being suspended by one foot looks uncomfortable, the HANGED MAN copes well with hanging in this position.  The HANGED MAN signifies a TURNING POINT in your life. 

Key Words:

Key Phrases:
Sacrifice may be necessary
Boredom with life, anticipation of PROGRESS
Static relationship 
Seeing Life from a different Angle
Paradigm Shifts
CHANGING priorities
Relinquishing Control
Voluntary Surrender
Taking a step back in order to MOVE FORWARD

The HANGED MAN is one of the most mysterious cards in the entire tarot, the HANGED MAN is paradoxical, mysterious & imbued with the frustration of trying to SOLVE a cryptic crossword.  Hanging from one foot he wears a calm & peaceful expression. Here is symbolic of the surrender of material things (in his upside down suspension allowing for all things to fall down especially out of his pockets) The CONCEPT of giving up all worldly possessions in order to FOLLOW a SPIRITUAL path is the central theme of this card.  It is worth NOTING that this SACRIFICE is VOLUNTARY and is made because what is GAINED is of GREATER VALUE than what is lost.  The INNER KNOWLEDGE that is acquired will be WORTH the SACRIFICE. 

In a "YOU NOW" position, this card means you are at a CROSSROAD & at this CROSSROAD you have to stand back and LOOK / SEE carefully and with CLARITY at all the issues surrounding & involved in your present - maybe even feeling like you need to get yourself out of this rut - this PATH that you are on that you were Once on that no longer applies to you anymore.  You are in LIMBO about what you want to do next, or you may even being going thru a cease-fire in a relationship clash. What to do next & how to do it? 
It is fine if you wish to rid yourself and give up on bad influences and negativity in your life, but think clearly - have others really manipulated you or have you CHOSEN to be a victim? 
It is ok to ChANGE our minds..
That is part of our EVOLUTION and GROWTH to eventually SEE things differently / more expansively - and more CLEARLY - gifting ourselves with CLARITY in what we KNOW is RIGHT & GOOD for ourselves in our lives.  

All that needs to be done with this paradigm shift / CHANGE of thinking - being - is learning to readjust your FEELINGS in order to forge AHEAD / FORWARD with your plans that are in absolute alignment with you.

The HANGED MAN symbolizes the giving up of something in order to ACQUIRE something else that has become more important. WE have reached a crossroads and now we need to CHOOSE what is significant to us and what is no LONGER of VALUE. This card represents a TURNING point in our own psychological development as we reorientate our FOCUS toward the INNER WORLD. Finding the things that really matter in our lives. 
Knowledge of what lies within becomes more important than what exists outside.  the HANGED MAN denotes a time when we are asked to SURRENDER CONTROL of the EGO and MOVE into the UNKNOWN territory of our inner landscape. The complexity of the HANGED MAN invites you to do exactly the OPPOSITE of what YOU think / BELIEVE is the right thing to do, and thereby GAIN results.  
The paradox is that as soon as you make these contradictory moves, you FIND what you are actually seeking. 


This necessitates a Willingness to LET GO & TRUST that there is SOMETHING GREATER than our conscious mind, which has the WISDOM to GUIDE us TOWARD & FORWARD which is exactly REQUIRED for our development / Growth .. our souls evolution. 

Like the man hanging upside down on the card, we need to ADOPT a NEW PERSPECTIVE (be daring - be bold - Do something different - If you want the CHANGE - you first must MAKE that CHANGE ) it is TIME for you to DISCOVER a DEEPER set of VALUES within yourself. Whether YOU are AWARE of it or not, this card suggests that YOU are undergoing an EXPANSION of CONSCIOUSNESS that can only take place if YOU are READY and WILLING to MOVE BEYOND your present set of circumstances and surpassing your COMFORT ZONE.

Get out of your COMFORT ZONE...

This card in a spread signifies that you are in a state of limbo.  A reorientation is taking place in your life and for the time being at least, you may be feeling at a loss as to how to proceed.  As a result, you may FEEL in a rut and fearful. 
Do not feed your Fears. 
You may feel as if you have no choice right now other than to stay where you are and await the changes that will RELEASE you from this state of stasis.  But remember with the HANGED MAN you may just gain the results you DESIRE by stepping outside your own comfort zone and box and doing the OPPOSITE of what you think you should do..
CHOICES are always up to you.. 
You may be required to make a sacrifice in order to move FORWARD and develop. Outworn patterns fall away and give you a NEW PERSPECTIVE on your situation.  It is time for you to HANG STILL and LISTEN to your INNER STIRRINGS.  Life is pushing you to PAY ATTENTION to what is really important, you can not push this time away.  
HANGED MAN asking you to FACE..
FAITH & TRUST life to take its proper course giving you a sense of PEACE. 


Thank-you for Simply Being 





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