Enchanting Angelic Oracles Reveal

Welcome to this week's Enchanting Tarot Oracle Reveal..
Thank-you for your patience in RECEIVING this Angelic message & I hope with all my heart and soul that you find its message to resonate profoundly & deeply with you. 

I will begin with Revealing the meaning behind the four Corners...


Everyone experiences times in their lives when they are afraid or insecure.  Sometimes these fears are based on external factors you can SEE, and sometimes worries stem from irrational or unreal concerns.  In both cases its important to go WITHIN and LISTEN to your INTUITION as to what to do next. Ask your INNER SELF about the source of your anxiety, and TRUST your GUIDANCE. The Angels sent you this card because this is a TIME of POWERFUL INTUITION and PSYCHIC ability. However, your GREATEST insights will be about YOURSELF. 
EMBRACE this period of SELF AWARENESS to OVERCOME past blocks that have held you back.  AWAKEN to TRUTHS about yourself that you've kept hidden, and SEE your BRILLIANT LIGHT.  This is the time to PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to your DREAMS & release the worry of UNSEEN events that may plague your mind with Anxiety.  Do not ALLOW for Illusions to be self defeating.  Archangel Haniel has long been associated with the FULL MOON, INTUITION, & CLAIRVOYANCE. Call upon Haniel for divine Assistance in helping you to further develop TRUST in yourself and your own inner Wisdom so that you may CONFIDENTLY follow your divine Call and Share with the WORLD your Spiritual Gifts. 


Things may not have turned out the way you have EXPECTED/WANTED/HOPED/DESIRED..
What is TIME? 
Why are we so focused on an outcome based on time when All things are DIVINE Right TIME...
Be careful not to FOCUS too much on the NEGATIVE, as there's a POSITIVE in EVERY situation.  You may be MISSING the SILVER LINING.
Fighting or trying to ignore CHANGE doesn't SERVE you. 
Do not RESIST what is inevitable & instead FLOW into your own LOVE & fluidity.  
Have FAITH that EVERYTHING happens for a Reason. It's HEALTHY to grieve what has been LOST and take the TIME to HEAL.  Reach out to SUPPORTIVE Loving Family/Friends and wise counselors for SUPPORT & COMFORT.  It is ok to be sad, but it is not ok to become lost in your own melancholy of sadness.  Find the POSITIVE in this situation that may FEEL disappointing, but also LEARN to LET GO of time.  There is NO such thing as Time. 
Time is of the ESSENCE.
There is no need to cry over spilled milk when you have a hidden reservoir of STRENGTH within you.  


A significant situation REQUIRES your immediate & FULL attention.  While TIME is of the ESSENCE, it's IMPORTANT to avoid making rash decisions.  Enthusiasm and self Assuredness are WONDERFUL, so long as they aren't separated from WISDOM & CAUTION. You are a PASSIONATE soul and anything you take on wholeheartedly is ignited by your Passionate Fire setting All that you set out to do ablaze.  You are FEARLESS & LOYAL and are quick to embrace any ADVENTURE that calls out to you.  Practice the ART of STILLNESS in meditation to RECEIVE with DIVINE CLARITY the ANSWERS to your Call / PURPOSE & PRAYERS


You are a NATURAL BORN LEADER with GREAT charisma, CHARM & Flair as well as INNOVATIVE being able to ACCOMPLISH GREAT things.  This is a time of 
Devote your ENERGY and TIME to the task at hand.  You're in the Position of LEADERSHIP, and YOU INSPIRE others with your JOYFUL Enthusiasm.  Prick your ears up to RECEIVING advice from someone who EXCELS at CREATIVE SOLUTIONS.  An entrepreneurial Venture is HIGHLIGHTED.  Speaking in front of a group. This card represents the COURAGE of your Convictions.  YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
Spread your FIRE ablaze & be CONFIDENT with all of your ways...

 If you selected 
the MOON
Five of Water
Knight of FIRE
 with the LOVE BEGINS oracle...

 your cup is about to OVERFLOW with JOY, HAPPINESS & POSITIVE FEELINGS. 
This is the first of the EMOTIONS cards and therefore signifies that a NEW "LOVE" opportunity beckons.  This does not necessarily have to be a physical love, but may also represent the PASSION and devotion for an idea, a goal or even a NEW creative endeavor. This would be a PERFECT time to OPEN yourself & your HEART to the HIGHER VIBRATIONS & LOVING energies of our UNIVERSE. When passed issues are RESOLVED, when FORGIVENESS for others as well as YOURSELF has been attained, & when your HEART is TRULY open and READY to RECEIVE, then NEW ROADS leading you TOWARD LOVE will be REVEALED...

If you selected..
the MOON
Five of Water
Knight of FIRE
 with the LIGHT oracle...

 The ORACLE of LIGHT is reassuring YOU that this is YOUR time to be in the LIGHT. No matter what's happening around you, PROSPERITY & BLISS are PROMISED.
The qualities of this BRILLIANT card are PLEASURE, HAPPINESS, CONTENTMENT. GROWTH, SUCCESS, JOY & ILLUMINATION.  The LIGHT ALWAYS brings forth NEW BIRTH, a constant RENEWAL of LIFE.  This is one of the BEST, if not the most POSITIVE, cards in this oracle deck & it is YOURS.
This is NOW your MOMENT to SHINE!!
The Radiance from within will be there for ALL to SEE. As people become ATTRACTED to your DIVINE rays of your SPIRITUAL LIGHT - and by being COMPASSIONATE, GENEROUS, INSPIRING & a LEADER - many will BENEFIT as they FEEL your genuine WARMTH radiating from you.
 Be discerning, but also be OPEN to whatever or whomever you're attracting, for your RAYS reach FAR & WIDE.  
The LIGHT card REMINDS you that because of its POWER, nothing remains in the DARK forever. Through its illumination, TRUTHS & certain paths before you begin to emerge and can be surely seen.  Using the ENERGY of POSITIVE thoughts & continually thinking about the HAPPIEST & most JOYFUL of memories will Light the Path before you even more BRIGHTLY & ATTRACT exactly what you're emanating.
KEEP on SHINING is the message of this LUCKY card.
This card Symbolizes the energy of the SUN and bestows unto you 


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